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    The Modern Age
(1421 to the present)

Date (Qaiyorean)

Date (Elyrian)


1421 2841
  • Aixelsydan: The Fields around the Earthen Veil are haunt.
  • Cormenaera: is forced to with draw from the Orasareni Defence League.
  • East Torphan:Discovers much about the Cedonians fortifications.
  • The Eerith:They are freed from their prison.
  • Laria'rathi:They make contact with several nations.
  • Mir: The Sorcerers destory the spell imprisoning the Eerith
  • Razanians: The Razanian stop the war for a break.
  • The Shanari:They lay siege to the cities of Unnirand, and Caladyn. They also take the city of Pran.
  • The Tana:A beast is attacking and eating people.
  • Torphan:The Pass is finished, the new city is called Rekarnoom
  • Vraa'al: Abduct the Empress Yzara of Cedonia
1422 2842
  • Aryisa: The war contiunes.
  • Cedonia: The capital falls.
  • Celpalar:The armies help prepare Talishara's defences.
  • East Torphan:The merchent Fleet is finished and improved.
  • Free Cities:Free cities export tones of food products.
  • Laria'rathi:colonization contiunes.
  • Mir:Regains the Scepter of Mir.
  • Razanians:The war continues.
  • The Shanari: The Sinari annex Taltheran, and conquer half of Cedonia including the capital.
  • The Tana:The beast seems to have incread in numbers.
  • Torphan:The Emperor begins to build a Torphanis navy
  • Zelkor:The Prince gathers what is left of his army.
1423 2843
  • The Amo'trall:Complete recovery from the plauge.
  • Aryisa: Peace comes between Aryisa and Razanian coast. The Asagmari Front takes Haran and the country side.
  • Celpalar:Completly their free trade project.
  • East Torphan:The Gental War begins.
  • Hisaria:They prepare to defend themselves against the Sinari invaders.
  • Laria'rathi: Study stone island.
  • Mir:A royal wedding between the House of Celamyrsa and Burcancy.
  • Razanians:They sign a peace treaty with Aryisa. The Razanian Front is defeted.
  • The Shanari:They march to Talishara and the two armies unit out side of the fortifications.
  • The Tana:One of the beast is caught.
  • Torphan:Civil unrest rears it head.
  • Vraa'al:The Champion have been gathered and trained.
  • Zelkor:Prepares to take back the city.
1424 2844
  • Aryisa: The coast is hit by a huge wave.
  • Cedonia: Cedonia falls into Civil War. Cedonia is no more.
  • Celpalar: Hit by the tidal wave
  • East Torphan:Annexs two thirds of Vienia
  • Laria'rathi:Tidal Wave hit.
  • Mir:Tries to bring peace to Timar. Fights the Battle of Talishara.
  • Razanians/:the coast is hit by a tidal wave.
  • The Shanari:The Sinari defeated at the battle of Talishara.
  • Torphan:Also hit by the tidal wave. Civil unrest contiunes.
  • Vraa'al:Searched Cedonia.
  • Zelkor:The Prince Recliams his city.
1425 2845
  • Amo'Trall:Trade is opened up with the Oganir.
  • Cedonia: - The old Empire Capital is destroyed.
  • Free Cities:They gain control of most of Midsea's trade.
  • East Torphan:Vienia agrees to join Burcancy.
  • Hansarii:They found a new mining town.
  • Hisaria:The Empress dies, and cause Civlial unrest.
  • Mir:The Celamyrsa Family Home is completed.
  • The Shanari:A new religious group emerges
  • The Therani:Rebuild after the war.
  • Torphan:Finish fortifing northern border.
1426 2846
  • East Torphan:Finish their recover project.
  • Hisaria:Cival unrest mounts.
  • Mir:Begin to train more warmages.
  • Tora:Search for embasidros.
  • Torphan:Civial unjest setles down.
1427 2847
  • Avatar:The Baron goes on a Grand Tour.
  • Ban Horroth:The Populas tries to improve their lot in life.
  • East Torphan:Finishes Their nay Project. Burcancy now has one of the largest navies.
  • Milakanur: Begin the Wall Project..
  • Mir:Trains a Timarian Army.
  • Tora:Sends out explores to Hira..
1428 2848
  • Avatar:The Dame is finished and more land is made opened up.
  • Ban Horroth:The populas is on the verg of Civil War.
  • East Torphan:Try to create the Federation of Mid Sea.
  • Hisaria:The Morning Period ends.
  • Milakanur:The Great Desert Wall is begun.
  • Mir:Eastern Timar is declared the Principality of Yora'Timar. Nirotosa is declared Prince of Yora'Timar.
  • The Shanari:A new leader emmerges.
  • Tora:Countiune their expedition South.
  • Torphan:Forts are increased to pervent the Chaos of the East from entering the Empire.
1429 2849
1430 2850
1431 2851
1432 2852
1433 2853
1434 2854
1435 2855
1436 2856
  • Cedonia:The Cedonian Civil War rages on as its various factors seek outside aid.
  • East Torphan:Discover the location of the Empress of Cedonian. Prepare a strike to recover the Empress.
  • Kaeir:Kaeir countiune their attempt to take over the city of Timar.
  • The Ka'Shari: A new exploration of the nations of Midsea takes place this year.
  • Mir:Provides help to Cedonia
  • Taltheran:The Taltheran Civil War rages across the Country.
1437 2857
  • Cedonia: In the Cedonia Civil war Duke Caladyn is betten.
  • East Torphan: Contiune preparation for strike against the Vraa'al.
  • Kaeir:Establish a navel blockade of Timar.
  • The Ka'Shari: Begin to learn better communication with their goddess.
  • Mir:Major disastor on the Warmage training feilds halts training
  • Taltheran:The Civil War rages across the land.
1438 2858
  • Cedonia: Factions seek alliances with each other.
  • East Torphan: They attack the Vraa'al and manage to capture on of the children but it fails other then that.
  • Exquaestio:Exquaestio expansion.
  • Kaeir:Invaded Taimar. Take only half of the city.
  • The Ka'Shari: At the request of their goddess they begin a search fore dragons.
  • Mir:Goverment still recovering from recoperation from the disastor.
1439 2859
  • Cedonia:The Civil War countiunes as the various force try to reorganize the state.
  • East Torphan: Attempt to reducate the Prince.
  • Exquaestio: Exquaestio continues to expand while investigating certain odd events in the year.
  • Kaeir: Attempt to countiune to take Taltheran.
  • The Ka'Shari: They make little progress this year in their search for dragons.
  • Mir: Goverment once again is able to function.
1440 2860
  • Cedonia: The Civil war winds down as Zenos is destoryed and a new goverment inforced.
  • Exquaestio: Exquaestio consolidates its expansion while attempting to gain allies.
  • Kaeir: The Blockade of Tal is lifted as they begin to focus on Timar.
  • The Ka'Shari: The Dragon search makes progress as the Ka'Sharai extend help to their neighbors.
  • Mir: Countiune war mages training.
1441 2861
  • Cedonia: With peace attention is turned to producing better metel.
  • Exquaestio:With the aid of the Ka'Shari Exquaestio expands geographically over southern Midsea and makes official contacts in Junder and Videssia
  • Kaeir: Finish taking the city of Timar.
  • The Ka'Shari:They sight their first dragon.
  • Mir: Countiune training Warmages.
1442 2862
  • Cedonia: The Civil war ends and the Order of Lucia excepts the goverments offer of frinedship.
  • Exquaestio:Exquaestio continues to expand and begins the ambitious project of the Pantheon.
  • Kaeir: Rebuild the city of Timar and found a Universtiy.
  • The Ka'Shari: A Dragons nest has been found.
  • Mir: Mir begins to investigates the suden intrest in dragons.
1443 2863
1444 2864
1445 2865
1446 2866
1447 2867
1448 2868
1449 2869