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Actions in the Game Year 1425

Society Name: Shanari

Action 1. Ban Horroth Diplomacy - External/Strategic/Secret

Faymiyun al Shawari, the Alb Sheikh and Conveyor of the Truth, with the consensus of the righteous and god-fearing elders of the Council of Companions, sends a group of 20 scouts to the mountains bordering the eastern sands, seeking to establish contact with a strange race of creatures rumoured to be living there, the Ban Horroth. The expedition is led by the Conveyor's son, Jazariyyah ba Faymiyun.

Early in the month, the mission mount their steeds, and are commissioned with the finest lances, long bows, swords, spears of the Millat Shanari by the Conveyor Faymiyun, the tall lances crowned by blue silken banners bearing the book emblematic book of the Path of Shanar, before galloping east out of the blessed Akbari valley. Journeying many long days, they are given sup and accommodation by many of the Millat Shanari clans of the eastern sands, and by tribes allied to the Alb Sheikh. Before long, the Calarnar begins to thin, the sands giving way to hard earth and bitter rock as the eastern range appears on the horizon.

Soon the band enters the first valley descending from the range, where they set up camp and gather their wits before seeking out this half whispered nation to establish a treaty with the Alb Sheikh, and therefore with the Millat Shanari, if they can. Fully aware of their charge to avoid all conflict and to establish a mutually beneficial relationship with this race, the band and their Leader eyed the misty peaks expectantly.

Actors: Alb Sheikh Faymiyun al Shawari, the Council of Companions,
Jazariyyah ba Faymiyun,
Objective: Establish diplomatic contact with Ban Horroth and if possible a treaty of peace and trade. Assistance to be given to Ban Horroth wherever needed (emphasis is on establishing positive relationship, even if it means giving more than receiving).
Type: Diplomatic
Secrecy: Action and Result.
Prime Determinant: Consent (Ban Horroth need to be willing to contact the Shanari)
Primary philosophical orientation survival [Trade and Diplomacy is vital to Shanari caravans and therefore Shanari commerce]
Difficulty: Very Hard (they are extremely secretive!)
Weight: 0.
Task - Arts (diplomacy) : Superb.
+2 Survival orientation of Shanari traders (Superb)
+1 Jazariyyah ba Faymiyun's leadership (special persona - not an ordinary scouting party).
+0 Reaction (personal/secret) - failure of mission to impact little.
-2 Ban Horroth secrecy

-1 +2 -1 (0 +1 0 0) = +1 Success
Talk to the player.

Action 2. Secret contact with Jabau governor - external/strategic/secret

On the night of the new moon, a handful of figures silently slipped out of the Akbari valley, taking the southern pass towards Milakanur. Commissioned by the Alb Sheikh to meet secretly with the Milakanuri governor of Jabau and persuade him to ally with the Millat Shanari*, the men are extremely aware of the need for secrecy in their mission. (because of the undue attention that Shanari now receive from Milakanuri border guards, as a result of Millat Shanari evangelism).
*(Should he ally with the Millat Shanari, the Millat Shanari would support him if he separated from Milakanur)

Actors: Alb Sheikh, selected Shanari and Milakanuri Companions, Jabau governor.
Objective: Meet secretly with Jabau governor and persuade him to either convert to the Millat Shanar religion, or ally himself with the Millat Shanari. The governor is also offered the support of Shanariyya against Milakanur if he revolts against Milakanur.
Type: Espionage/Diplomacy
Secrecy: Result only.
Prime Determinant: Religion (influence and status of Alb Sheikh and Millat Shanari evangelism).
Secondary Determinant: Influence (Ability and status of Companions to persuade).
Secondary philosophical orientation: Revolution (Jabau governor can benefit from change to status quo brought about by rise of the Millat Shanar religion).
Difficulty: Normal (Milakanur hold on Jabau only recent, and Milakanuri leadership is unstable and withdrawn).
Weight: 0
Task: Religion (evangelism) - Superb
+1 Jabau relations (benefit of current trade and possible independence to Jabau govenor)
+1 Companions (special envoys with high status amongst Shanari and includes some Milakanuri converts)
+2 Religion (Millat Shanari evangelism has converted many Shanari and Milakanuri)
-2 Milakanuri culture (Milakanuri arroance towards desert dwellers, despite sharing background)

-1 +2 -1 (-1 0 0 -1) = -2 Failure

The Jabau governor is not intrested at all. He has had to much good fortion worshiping the spirits. He gives the envoy two days to leave Jabau or else they shall be killed.

Action 3: Organisation of Millat Shanari soldiers - internal/tactical/not secret

Following the Alb Sheikh's declaration of Shanariyya, the Council of Companions, headed by the Conveyor himself, begin to organise the Millat Shanari men using decimal based army, starting with the standing forces in the Akbari valley.

All Millat Shanari men will belong to units of ten men, with ten units forming a squad (100 men), and ten squads forming a flank (1000), and ten flanks forming a division (10,000), and the divisions collectively forming the Shanariyya Army. The unit commander is the immediate junior of the squad commander, etc.

The Millat Shanari standing forces (3000) form the Core Army, with the remaining 90,000 provisional forces forming the First Division, through to the Ninth Division (as above). A fully mobilised Shanariyya Army would consist of the Core and the Nine Divisions. The Core Army consists of 3 flanks, the First Core Flank, Second Core Flank and Third Core Flank.
The provisionals are to be organised on a clan and tribal basis (a tribe consisting of several clans), to preserve organisational unity and collective fighting strength and vigour, though the standing Core Army is not tribally organised.

Actors: Alb Sheikh, Council of Companions, Millat Shanari masses.
Objective: Organise the Millat Shanari military, abandoning the old tribal horde structure. The end objective is to improve combat effectiveness and military professionalism.
Type: Develop (human development/organisation).
Secrecy: Public
Primary Determinant: Authority (Decision of the Alb Sheikh vs tribal tradition).
Secondary Determinant: Consent (Religious fervor of Millat Shanari to obey the Alb Sheikh).
Primary philosophical orientation: Revolution (the rise of the "New Order" amongst the Shanari).
Secondary philosophical orientation: Survival (strengthening of the Shanariyya state).
Difficulty: Normal (some disagreement by some traditional amongst tribal elders)
Task: Development (Religious authority based) - Superb.
+3 Alb Sheikh's authority
+1 Follows declaration of the Commonwealth of Shanariyya
+2 Complete support of Council of Companions
-1 Changes tribal tradition
-1 Some minor disagreement by traditional tribal elders.

0 +2 -1 (+1 -1 0 +1) = +2 Success.

The proposal goes over well. The core army is formed, and then the first three Divisions are created but then you start to run out of men. Their are many boys who desire to be in the army but are to young. Come back in five years.

Action 4: Diplomatic mission to Bel'Adne - external/tactical/public

In the aftermath of the cultic Sinari horde, the Alb Sheikh (Old One) Faymiyun decided that it was imperative to establish a meaningful relationship with the northern neighbour of the Shanariyya Commonwealth, the Bel'Adne. Commissioning his nephew, Mattarlib al Shawari, the Alb Sheikh sends a diplomatic mission to Bel'Adne to establish a diplomatic and trade relationship.

Mattarlib al Shawari is also authorised to recognise the Bel'Adne dominion, particularly over Kharou'I Sin, and to inform the Bel'Adnese authorities that they may deal with any Sinari they encounter as the Bel'Adnese see fit. The Alb Sheikh stresses to his cousin Mattarlib though, that all other Shanari are part of the Shanariyya Commonwealth, and would be gravely disturbed if the inviolability was ignored. Finally, the mission is to stress the utter opposition of the Millat Shanari to the Sinari cult, and that the New Order established by the Holy Conveyor Faymiyun is one of peace and mutual benefit through trade.

Actors: the Holy Conveyor Faymiyun al Shawari the Alb Sheikh of the Shanariyya Commonwealth, the Companion and cousin Mattarlib al Shawari, the Bel'Adne authorities.
Objective: establish a peace treaty between the Shanariyya Commonwealth and Bel'Adne, recognise pre-Sinari border (Kharou'I Sin is therefore Bel'Adnese), open trade between Akbari and Kharou'I Sin.
Type: Diplomacy (peace and trade)
Secrecy: Public
Primary Determinant: Relations (very positive, as no official contact or, more importantly, conflict).
Secondary Determinant: Trade (Trans-Calarnar trade route: Kharou'I Sin-Akbari-Jabau).
Primary philosophical orientation: Survival (trade as central industry).
Secondary philosophical orientation: Revolution (abandon traditional raiding, establish permanent peace between the two societies).
Difficulty: Hard (Bel'Adne is xenophobic and mistrustful of the Shanari as a result of Sinari devastation).
Task: Diplomacy/Trade (Arts) - Superb
-1 Shanari reputation in Bel'Adne
+1 the Alb Sheikh is new to Bel'Adne
+1 Mission is led by the Alb Sheikh's cousin, Mattarlib al Shawari.
-2 Sinari devastation of Kharou'I Sin
+1 Commercial benefits from trade imports and exports
+1 Diplomatic recognition of Shanari-Bel'Adnese border.

-1 -2 +4 (+1 0 -1 0) = +1 Success

Bel'Adne is willing to listen, willing to trust not quiet yet. They agree to respect the Shanari, but will kill any Sinari. They also gouble up Kharou'I Sin.