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Actions in the Game Year 1425

Society Name: Hisaria

Action 1 : Mourning Period, 1 of 3 years (all year)

The day have come for Iranu Dertyr, the Emperor's Religion and Magic Advisor, to assist the Yaidi in labor and Bring to Qaiyore the Heir of the Glorious Emperor. Waiting outside the chamber, the emperor asked concerned by voices from outside the palace

- What is all that noise?

- That are the Voices of the Isir.

- And what they Want ?

- They are waiting like you my noble emperor, you are waiting for your son and they are waiting for their future Ruler. - Responded Jalir Malar IV

- The Kanat Isir is also here, they are in the Throne Chamber.- said Milarua Tylop III

- Tell them to wait and keep silence

- As you wish my Emperor .- Responded Milarua walking to a nearby balcony to talk with the Hisarian People And then ... There was Silence Outside the Palace.

But Inside loud Screams still heared, Screams from inside the Chamber, the emperor raised his head and looked concerned the chamber's Door. More Screams from the Yaidi were hear and Iranu shouting at loud to his assistants nurses. Then.....There was Silence, truly Silence.

As Milarua returned from the Balcony Iranu walked outside the Chamber. The Emperor looked at him waiting for a word, but Iranu was looking at the floor like shamed of something

- Rise your head and Tell me ?. - Asked the Emperor.....- speak to your Emperor ? - He wanted to know if it was a Boy or a girl

- Neither, Righteous Emperor - Responded Iranu raising his head with tears in his eyes.

Noticing this Jalir Aproached Iranu lowering Iranu's head with his hand and wishpering at his hear. - What Happenend ? . - Not a word from Iranu.- Respond, your life is at risk?

- The Yaidi is dead - Wishper Iranu at Jalir's ears

- And the Baby ?

- Too. - Responded Iranu Still Whispering.

Jalir turned around to face the Emperor and noted that he already knows that something went wrong.

- This is a tragic day My Emperor...But we most be strong

- What you mean Jalir ? - Asked Milarua a little confused about what she was hearing

- The Yaidi and his Son are dead. - After this response Milarua walked to his Brother, the Emperor, and with her hand over his shoulder she looked at him with sadness.

- How this Happened ?

- I did everything possible my Emperor, I....Sorry..... Too much Blood and pain. - responded Iranu fearing for his life while the Emperor turned around to hide his face and tears from everyone in the room.

- My Emperor we most Remain Strong, Not Cry for this. - Said Jalir Cruel and cool hearted, like always. - This is the right moment to show the Isir and the Kanat Isir our...your Strong! and Powerfull Spirit

Turning around the Emperor faced Iranu - I lost my Son so you most lost your life

Pleading for his life Iranu faced Jalir who turned around with an evil and little grin

- My Emperor your words are our commands but .... I feel we most Wait. Call Mo'Itir let him see the Jaidi..... - suggested Milarua

- And what do you achieve with that? .- Asked Jalir who was facing an empty wall now

Looking at the Emperor Milarua responded . - Your Heart is at trouble right now my Great Emperor, Brother, this will give you time to .... be strong. - Said almost wishpering and clearing the Emperor's face of his tears.

The Emperor moved his head approving Milarua's Suggestions. - Call the Ra'Isir, Milarua take care of the Situation .- Then Turning Around Emperor Ylik walked away to his resting Chamber leaving Milarua Standing in the center of the room, Jalir now with an angry face still looking the empty wall, and Iranu in his knees looking at Milarua with a face of gratefulness.

- Don't look me like that. I saved your life as a favor that I expect you to return some day.- Said Milarua to Iranu after the Emperor left the Room.

Hearing that Jalir walked away

- I'll go to personally bring the Ra'Isir Mo'Itir to see the Yaidi.

- If you don't mind I will do that myself Jalir, You order your men to protect the Yaidi's body. - Ordered Milarua to Jalir Stoping him just as he aproached the exit door.

- Who are you to talk to me like that? - Asked Jalir while facing Milarua

- As the Emperor said I'm in charge of the Situation .- Responded the Beautiful Emperor's Sister as she passed near Jalir and exited the Room followed by Iranu, who was fearing been alone with Jalir right now.

Milarua know the pain of his Brother, he didn't love the Yaidi much or at all but the news of a son make the Emperor radiate happiness in the pass months but know she fear her brother's heart and Jalir's Cool heart too. She Entered the Throne room at the Palace and looked around all the People in the room, all members of the Kanat Isir was there waiting to see the Heir.

- The Heir of the Great and Righteous Ylik Tylop III Emperor of Hisaria have died after been born.- Said at loud Milarua and then Screams of sorrow was hear all over the Room. - With him the Yaidi was also lost.-

Some People Cried other just don't believed and Others didn't show Emotions at all.

- According to Emperor's Orders and our Traditions a three year Mourning Period will begin tomorrow. There will be no Festivities, Celebrations or Unions, any aditional profit in six months from now will be to the Emperor's House, Everyone will present their respect to the Heir in any form and Women, Children and men will use dark Color in respect to the Yaidi.- Said Milarua and then walked outside to tell the same to the Isir, Leaving the Throne Room in Sorrow and tears.

Primary Determinant : Internal Politics
Difficulty : Easy (Everyone feel the Lost of the Heir and the Yaidi, Sorrow across Hisaria)
Secrecy : None
Actor : Ruling Agency and Key Elements (Everyone in Hisaria)
Weight : Normal Action
Modifiers : For some reason the Malar Clan is not too sad for the lost but angry by the six months profit to the Emperor's Clan, the Tylop Clan.

+1 (0 0 +1 +1 ) + ( ) + ( )

The nation morns for their lost heir and Yaidi. Except for the Malar Clan. They begin to hint that the Tylop clann is not fight to rule.

Action 2 : End of the Exploration/Diplomacy with others countries, 3 of 3 Years (early year)

Extract II From Milarua Tylop III's Personal Diary

'< Diary of Milarua Tylop III, Emperor's Trade Advisor, Council Member, Great Daughter of the Tylop Clan and Emperor's Sister >

I don't have much time to Write now, there are a lot of problems and sadness all over Hisaria.

But this is very important, two days ago I've to declare the Exploration Group lost. There were no News from them since the Great Wave let most of our land in disgrace. It is almost certain that they were killed.

But Even when they didn't acomplish their mission at all at least we improved our relations with Hria and Signed a Wealthty Treaty with the Celpalar Republic. It will be futile to request permission to prepare another Group, at least until the Mourning period and all the rebuilding is done.

Well, Let hope the gods do not send more bad news upon us and clear our path to great wealth.'

Primary Determinant : Relations
Nature : Strategy(3 of 3)
Difficulty : Hard (The tidal Wave killed the Exploration Group in the last year)

Secrecy : the Exploration/Diplomatic mission is not a secret but the use of the Y'dis Guard Spy it is.
Actor : Exploration Group
Weight : Normal Action
Modifiers : The Y'dis Guard are well trained Spies, and are in good shape.
Also the best of the Y'dis Guard will be in the Group.

-1 (0 0 0 -1) = -2 Failure

The Malar family make a big deal out of the failure of the expedition. They uses this as another fact in their effort to prove the Tylop clan is not fight to rule. They have pushed some of the neutral clans to their view.

Action 3 : Rebuilding the Empire's coast Cities and Navy, 1 of 5 years (Early Year)

[ Imperial Announcement

TO :
Everyone in the Great Land of Hisaria

The great disaster of the Tidal Wave that destroyed all the Navy and badly damaged all the Coastal Cities including Jall, the Capital and the Fortified city of Tepe-Hisar. Been our Great Empire most productive Cities positioned along the brave coast of the Maripai sea.

All food will be distributed by 1 Ration for every 2 Clan Members. Every Clan Member of the Isir will assist in the Reconstrution of the Cities
Every House Clan of the Kanat Isir will send Half of their servant to work in the Navy reconstrucction The Prices of all Luxury Goods will be increased by 5% to help in the Reconstruction costs That the Sacred House of the Ra'Isir at the Mitur Village will be used in the next Clan Council Meetings due to the destruction of the Clan Palace and the Kas'ir Plaza.

The Great and Glorious Emperor Ylik Tylop III The Clan Council ]

Primary Determinant : Internal Politics
Difficulty : Hard (A Lot of Damage and Destruction)
Secrecy : None
Actor : Key Elements
Weight : Normal Action
Modifiers : (-)Everybody was ready to work in the Reconstruction Proyect at the beginning but then the Tragedy with the Yaidi and the Heir Happened lowering everyone readiness because of the sorrow.

-1 -1 (-1 -1 +1 0) + () + () + () + ()

Things are looking bad this year for the Emporer, and one might say a good year for the Malar clan.

Action 4 : Celpalar Treaty

The Exploration group is no more, some people near Hria said they were killed by the great Wave, but they left a great legacy, The Celpalar Treaty, one that will bring wealth for both our Empires.

"To be published, proclamed and exposed in all Qaiyore:

The powerful empire of Hisaria, led by it's most munificient and wise emperor Ylik Tylop III, and the State of Celpalar have entered a benevolent peace and are now friends.

They proclam the following:
>>From now on there shall be peace in all our dealings as good brother one for the other. Every dispute among our nationals will be set peacefully. Our nations will exchange ambassadors, who following the laws of the country welcoming them, will help foster the friendship between us. The Celpali embassador will be know as a Kanat Isir with no Clan Afiliation. All goods from Hisaria will travel for free on Celpali ships, as well as Celpali goods will enter freely in Hisaria, paying the taxes Hisarian pay themselves. It is the will of our two governments to help each other if need arises and so they shall do.

It shall be known through Qaiyore that Emperor Ylik Tylop III and the Members Clan Council are friends of the State of Celpalar and as such will be welcomed in the Apella of the People, if his majesty wishes to come and honor Celpalar island of their presence. Hitherto, they will be received in every country by friends of Celpalar as such.

As a gift for their new friends and allies the Emperor Ylik Tylop III as ordered the preparation of the Gytu Mansion as the new Home of the celpali Embassador near the Clan Council Palace. The garden will be extented and the door will be always guarded with the best Y'dis Guards available. Also The ambassador is requested to assist to a great celebration at the Imperial Palace, in honor of the Celpalar State.

One week of prayer for the sake of Tylop Clan will happen next month in the great temple of the Maker in Maelmor to thank the god of sending such good friends in our time of need.

The other clauses of the treaty are left to the discretion of the two governments."

This Treaty was approved by the Appela of the people of Celpalar on Nasir 18 th and sanctioned by the ephors the same day, turning it into a law of the State.

The Clan Council in the name of the Great Emperor Ylik Tylop III anounce is pleased to sign this treaty with the magnificient state of Celpalar.

Primary Determinant : External Politics
Difficulty : Normal
Secrecy : None
Actor : Ruling Agency
Weight : Normal
Modifiers : None

(-1 0 +1 0) = 0 Mixed Results.

The treaty is signed.