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Actions in the Game Year 1427

Society Name: Ban Horroth

ACTION 1,2 Internal

Stability of the nation

Years have passed and deep political infighting between the castes has proved harmful to the race, the diplomatic and trade leaders have become increasingly more fidgety as the people have had little contact with the outside world. With such slight contact the traders have become poorer, this is leading to a diminished middle class and civil unrest as the people grow tired of been treated badly by the politicians and generals. It is agreed that the Ban Horroth should set foot outside the walls of the citadel and contact the neighbouring races in one form or another.

+1 the people will welcome the change in governmental stance

+1 the movement into the outside world is in everyones best interest

- The older members of the society will see such acts as a movement against their king and patriarch, and althought the king has little to say in such matters his position is much revered.

- The Religious orders of the Horroth have managed to make a vast fortune using there duty exempt position to amass great cophers of gems, they will attempt to retain this comfortable position as long as possible and spread word of the taht reside outside the walls.

+ The warrior caste have been training are moving into a state of readiness there is already talks of raiding parties along the more loose tongued individuals, the warriors are ready to move.

Difficulty: Very Hard

+1 +1 +1 -1 -1 -2 +1 (-1 -1 +1 +1) = 0 Mixed Results

None of the parties involve make any real head way.



Scouting the mountain trade routes The Viseur sends scouting parties out constantly through the year to investigate the trade routes (if any )that exist along the mountains or the rim. The scouts tasks are to follow traders from a distance, attempt to find out where the trade is from and where it is going to. Academics amongst the scout groups draw up detailed maps of trade routes and report them back to the leaders.

+1 the Ban Horroth are mountain folk who travel in such conditins, quietly, quickly with great ease

-1 the scouts can only follow the traders so far, it may not be possible to work out straight away who they are or where they are going

Difficulty: Hard

-1 -1 +1 (+1 +1 0 0) = +1 Success.

Their are no trade routes throught the mountians but all routes directly by the Mountians are maped.


Duty to the king

The Viseur draws up a royal decree stating that there is to be a 20% rise on duty to the King, the reasons the king gives in his decree is that since the Horroth are moving towards a more active tack more money is required, to pay for more training for the warriors and the increased mining for trade.

-1 The people are already fast becoming very very poor

-1 The traders who will be seen to be benefitting from such taxation will be the people in already comfortable positions

+1 The traders most likely to benefit will support the decree

+1 The promise of money been giving to the Warrior caste will secure there support

- 1There will be unrest the lower caste member will not like it

Difficulty: Hard

+1 +1 -1 -1 -1 -1 (-1 -1 0 +1) = -3 Complete failure

The people hold a protect outside of the kings palace. The clam they are poor enought that they can't pay anymore.