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Actions in the Game Year 1423

Society Name: Hisaria

Action 1 & 2 : Mobilize Imperial Army (all Year)

The Y'dis Guard had reported that a lot of cities had already fallen to the Sinari and this could
give them easy access to pass our borders.  The Clan Council explained the situation to the
Emperor, Currently Ylik Tylop III, who fearing an invation by the Sinari to our Empire
ordered half of the Imperial Army to possition along the borders from north to east, and set

regular patrols around the South one.

Primary Determinant : Military Size and Force
Difficulty : Normal
Secrecy : None
Actor : Imperial Army
Weight : Double Action (+1)
Modifiers : +The Army is in good shape and have the direct order from
the Emperor.

+1 (+1 +1 +1 -1) +1 = +4 Supper Success

The Army is seeing the threat frows it complete coperation into
preperations and mobilization..  +1 against any Sinari attacks.

Action 3 : Exploration/Diplomacy with others countries (mid year)

Extract From Milarua Tylop III's Personal Diary

< Diary of Milarua Tylop III, Emperor's Trade Advisor, Council Member,
Daughter of the Tylop Clan and Emperor's Sister >

Yesterday Night I was called to the Palace to recieve good news. The
Emperor, my Brother, gave me the pleasure to know that he had aproved my

project to send a Diplomatic Group to the Four Points of Qaiyore, to
society to every country. The Goal of the group was to improve our
relations, with the few cities we've relations, and to stablish new
ones. I
explained in the Project's Proposal Document, to the others members of
Council, that our Empire is in the right path to leave so many years of
isolation - in Cedonians Shadows - behind and that a good step is
others know about us. I was every happy to hear the aproval from the
himself but then I notice that next to him was standing Jalir Malar IV,
Emperor's Militar Advisor, and at that moment I knew something bad was
lurking near.

And I was right. The Emperor Aproved the Project but with some minors
corrections - as was pointed out by Jalir -. First Due to the War that
others countries have with the Sinari, the Empire could avoid any direct

confrontation or involment with then  - the societies at war - at least
for that matter the Group will use the best ship available and travel
north - by sea of course - following the coast. I felt and feel that is
reasonable change. Then Before Jalir continued explaining the Changes to
Diplomatic mission the Emperor ordered to everyone - except Jalir and me
to leave the room.

Being alone in the Throne room the Emperor Himself Continued with the
change. A Member of the Y'dis Guard will be in the Group, the guard
mission will be to gatther all information about the Sinari and second
gather information on all the visited countries. I felt
because if the Sinari or the others countries get to know about a spy in
Diplomatic Group could mean a tragic end to my proyect, to the group and

Well now all i've to do is hope, pray and way this Four Days when I'll
supervise the Group's final preparations, and be sure that the best
Guard is used, at least to increase the chances of success.'

Primary Determinant : Relations
Nature : Strategy(1 of 3) it could last less if someone in the visited
country (or the sinari) find out about the Y'dis Guard
Difficulty : Hard ( this is the first exploration/diplomatic mission to
contact others after Cedonia)
Secrecy : the Exploration/Diplomatic mission is not a secret but the use
the Y'dis Guard Spy it is.
Actor : Exploration Group
Weight : Normal Action
Modifiers : The Y'dis Guard are well trained Spies, and are in good
Also the best of the Y'dis Guard will be in the Group.

-1 +1 (-1 +1 +1 0) = +1 Success

(Who do you want to estalbish relations with?  You did not give me any
names.  Tell me and if their NPC I will tell you what happened.)

Action 4 : Looking for a Yaidi (last part of the year)

The Kas'ir Plaza was located Just a few Squares east from the Imperial
Palace, in the Capital city of Jall, a huge and elegant place where the
Nobles Clan gatther to talk and recreate themselves, in the center of
plaza is a more elegant and magnificient building than the plaza itself
known as the Clan Palace. Inside this palace is where the Clan Council
to discuss all important matters of the Nobles Clans and a few less
important matters of the masses. This day in the main room of the
with closed doors, the council (formed by 3 members) and the Emperor
were at
session since the day began talking about an every important issue.

-As we're saying your Highest, is very important to us for you to
appoint a
new Yaidi - Said Iranu, Emperor's Magic and Religion advisor, with a
voice from this long hours meeting

-And with us you mean? - responded the Emperor still not much exited
this meeting's goal

-I Mean, Us, the Empire your highest - Responded Iranu with fear in his

-And tell me one more time Why this is Important? - Asked the Emperor

-My Emperor, the Yaidi is Important to our relation with the Isir and
rest of the Kanat Isir. - said Jalir

-I think more important with the Kanat Sir - Completed Iranu

-Right, and is because at this moment the Council, your Highest and the
Empire need all the possible support we can get. The truth is that we
know where we're standing with the Sinari Issue and until then we must
everyone happy - Say Jalir

-I don't think that a Yaidi is only to keep people happy. She also
the Empire with a Heir. - afirmed Milaru with not much happinness about
they were refering the Yaidi

-Uhmmm, You only say that because you're a Female too, here and now that

kind of discution is not allowed.... Well I'll think about it now go to
regular labor, this meeting is off - exclamed at loud the emperor
and walking to the door.

-Highnest, If you allow me one more minute and Come close to you...... -

Said Milaru

- Go on - Responded Emperor Ylik stoping in the middle of the room
the door while Milaru approach him from his left side.

-My Great Emperor, I Think that the really important point on this
matter is
not the empire, the Kanat Isir or us, the Council... - Said Milaru in
voice almost wishpering to prevent Jalir and Iranu heard what she was
to say

-Then, tell me Milaru what is it? - asked the Emperor in the same low
looking at her

- our Clan will Gain more wealth with the union, our mother will be
happy to
see you happy and we will secure our position in the Imperial Palace for
long long time with a Heir.

-And How do you know I'll be more happy with the Yaidi? - Said the
wishpering at Milaru's Hears.

-I just know Brother...- after saying this the Emperor look at her and
without saying anything else continued walking to the door. And Just
opening the door and exiting the room the Emperor Turned around and Said
Prepare everything, a party a festival whatever you want, I'll choose
Yaidi - Then dissapeared behind the door.

Milaru still stading in the middle of the room turned around to face the

other council member. - You heard it let prepare the great party ever

-What you said to him? - ASked Iranu

-That's Between the Emperor and me - Responded Milaru noticing the
look of Jalir. The room of the Council Palace was in silence again, all
Council palace was.

Outside the Emperor was stepping inside his transport to the Imperial
Palace, the people at the Kas'ir plaza stopped to make the proper
to him. and the Sun was hiding behind the horizon.

Primary Determinant : Internal Politics
Difficulty : Hard (because the emperor is not willing to have a mate,
Secrecy : Everybody knows about the great Party in the Imperial Palace
all the Kasat Isir were invited.
Actor : Emperor and the Kasat Isir
Weight : Normal
Modifiers : +Every female wants to be married with the emperor and be a
Yaidi, for that reason they will do whatever they have to look
to the eyes of the Emperor.

-1 +1 (+1 0 +1 0) = +2 Complete Success

The Clans get their way and find Yaidi for the Emperor.  He likes the
women and while he is does not like idea of marriage he goes along with
this choices.