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Actions in the Game Year 1427

Society Name: Avatar

Action 1 Title: "Inspection Tour"

Method: Direct inspection by the Baron.
Goal: General economic and social information gathering and moral boosting of people.
Positive outcome: Detailed imformation on city and area as well as a boost in public moral
Negative outcome: Gather incorect data (although that would be a pretty spectacular fairlure)
Primary Determinant: Barons Influince (Superb +3)
Difficulty: Hard.
Actors: The Baron him self (and staff)
weight: Singal action.
Modifier :

+3 -1 (0 0 +1 -1) = +2 Success
The baron travels around the barony are succesful in their pupose. He has gain and almost complete statues of the barony.

Title: "Dam Project"

Method: Putting things on top of other things
Goal: Create a system of dams and fill to provide access to an island as well as extra land.
Positive outcome: Extra land
Negative outcome: Waste of resources
Primary Determinant: Resources Very Good (+2)
Difficulty: Hard
Actors: Work crews and engineers
weight: Singal action.

+2 -1 ( 0 0 0 -1) = 0 Mixed Results
The dame is started but it is takeing longer then planed. The project will need to be countiuned next year.

Title: "Coronation Ceremony"

Method: Grand public event and "meet and greet" for local nobility
Goal: Better relations and formalised agreements with neighbouring states
Positive outcome: Increased trade, fixed borders, good time had by all.
Negative outcome: Political disaster
Primary Determinant: Relations: Fair
Difficulty: Hard
Actors: The Baron him self (and staff)
weight: Double.

0 -1 +1 (-1 0 +1 +1) = +1 Success
Others cities agnolige Avatar's excistence and the borders are made clear.