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Actions in the Game Year 1422

Society Name: Mir

Action II & III : Retreave the real Scepter of Mir

Mir discovers that the Scepter they found is not the real Scepter of Mir. Now they have been given the location for the real Scepter of Mir, and the Sorcerers are ready to take it back. So the Archmage send a dozen mages to Aryisa. Their they will confront the Duke and the Regent and offer help in dealing with the Razanian in return for the scepter. If they will not agree then the Sorcerers are instructed to steal the Scepter, using what ever means nessisary.

Primary Determent: Relations (base 0)
Diffculty: Hard (-1)
Weight: double (+1)
Actors: Sorcerers
Secrecy: Some
Modifiers: + Magic
+Aryisa is desperate for external recognition and support.

Note: because Aryisa is a PS, the results given below are subject to direct negotiations by the player. If that is desired, use the numbers only as a basis for the general tone of the meeting. If the Player does not care or differ with the results, they may stand as is (I don't think it is appropriate to tell a player what there society does, especially in the context of international diplomacy and always perfer to defer to the wishes of the players involved.)
This roll and result is based on the assumption of diplomatic negotiations, if theft is determined to be a perferable option, I'll roll for that seperately if needed.


The negotiations grind to a virtual standstill. Aryisa places and offer on the table which is their final decision: they will relenquish the Scepter to Mir if, in turn, Mir will formally acknowledge their position and commit to an alliance with them against their enemies (the Razanian).

Duke Iyan agrees to turn over the scepter in return for Mirish recognition and support of Aryisan control of the Razanian Coast. Alvar flatly refuses to negotiate. If aryisa aciton Five fails, Alvar is probably caught by Iyan and he will turn over the scepter to Mir.

Actions IV: Deal with the Traitor.

Mir instead of trying to kill the Traitor is going to try to capture him and bring him in for trial. Two groups of ten are going to try to capture him. One group will sneak into Tal and try to find him their. The other will sneak into Tirroth and look for him their. When they find him. They will wait untill he is not in public then try to capture him. Five will work on the defencive spells. The other five will try to capture him. If he can not be captured. They are to kill him. Then Teleport out. Magic is to be used freely in the attack, and aftermath. After he is captured he will be brought to Mir were he will be put on trail, found guilt, and punished.

Primary Determent: Magic Sophistication (+4) and Military Strength of the actors. Since the coterie is not used for this action, the actors do not reflect the "best of the best" of Mir and, therefore, I have lowered the determinant for this action from +4 to +3. (Mostly to reflect the fact that Mir has its magi spread all over the bloody continent during this war) Diffculty: Very Hard (-2) Weight: singal
Actors: Sorcerers
Secrecy: Some
Modifiers: - Sin-Alb
+ Traitor's spies are all gone. (actually not all of the traitor's potential spies are gone but those that remain support this action and remain quiet.
+ Eerith assistance (and the extention of this influence to the Sinari seeresses, preventing them from becoming involved in this conflict)


Tarfn is captured with very little effort. His own "protectors" turn a blind eye to the kidnapping attempt and leave him completely surprised and vulnerable. (A small consequence of this--the Eerith insist that they, too, are an interested party in the trial and punishment of Tarfn [he killed Asadu])