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Actions in the Game Year 1437

Society Name: Mir

Mir [-5]: a tragic accident in the warmage training facilities throws the life, and politics, in the city into turmoil. A full coterie-in-training is lost in a sudden backlash of power, and the training areas receive substantial damage. The Council of Twelve aggressively demands a stop to the waste of efforts spent on training the warmages. These accidents increased the count of lost (dead, incapacitated or burnt-out) mages to 23 since the end of the Sinari war - an unacceptable amount in these times. The Council presents the Archmage with an ultimatum: the training program needs to suspended immediately, and a new, safer, way to approach the training needs to be developed. Popular opinion strongly supports the Council in this (or the other way around...). Until the issue is resolved, political decision-making in Mir is effectively halted.