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Actions in the Game Year 1423

Society Name: Zelkor

ACT I: Plan Siege of Zelkor

Prince Melorne's dream of retaking his families kingdom of Zelkor is close at hand but he does
not want his chance to slip through his fingers by rushing in and foolishly through his newly
formed army to the wolves. He has decided to plan in great detail a siege of The City of Zelkor.
The plan is to take his ships and land them off the coast of Zelkor preventing anyone from
leaving or entering the city by sea. He will then take his army backed by the supporting militia
in Zelkor and remove and Cedonian soldiers from the city and set up fortifications along the
border to prevent any unwanted Cedonians from returning. In order to set up any actions like
this Prince Melorne knows that it has to be planned and all involved must work as a hand
knowing what each other finger of the hand is doing. In order for this to occur Prince Melorne
must name Generals to lead the Legion of Zelkor and  train these Generals to complete his
dream and take back Zelkor!

Primary Determent: Prince Melorne: Consent: Superb
Difficulty: Hard
Secrecy: Very Secret
Actor: Prince Melorne
Weight: Normal
-1 Secrecy
+1 Support of the people of Zelkor

+3 -1 -1 +1 (0 +1 +1 +1) = +5 Superb Success

The come up with a briliante paln to retake the city of Zelkor.  +1 to anything dealing with
taking back zelkor.

Action II&III (Penetration into ZELKOR)
Now that Prince Melorne has regained the support of the people of Zelkor he has decided to
start a coupe by secretly sending skilled trusted soldiers to start an internal militia.
Primary Determent: People of Zelkor???
Difficulty: Hard
Secrecy: Extremely
Actor: Prince Melorne
Weight: Double action
-1 Secrecy
+1 Rebel Faction
+1 Support of the people

-1 -1 +1 +1 (0 0 0 0) = 0 Mixed Results

Unlike the Planning stage this does not go over as well.  Troops do get in but the legions in city
are freeked out about the Sinari and are extra careful.

ACT IV: Training the New Combined Army (THE LEGION OF ZELKOR) for a siege on
the city of ZELKOR
The newly formed Legion of Zelkor may be a superb army of respectable size but they have not
worked together or have they ever laid siege to an entire city. The Legion is to secretly train off
the coast of Mir for a siege of Zelkor.
Primary Detrement: Legion of Zelkor
Difficulty: Easy (Hard -1)
Secrecy: Very Secret
Actor: Prince Melorne
Weight: Normal
+1 superb skill of army
+1 Determination of Army to take back Zelkor

-1 +2 (+1 +1 +1 -1) = +3

The troops work together.  They are forming into a working groop.