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Actions in the Game Year 1441

Society Name: Cedonia

Action 1-4: The metals project
Weight: Quadruple
Description: With Zenos' death, and his army's retreat, the United Provinces decide to take a bit of a breather. The new government is functioning well, and no crises have yet arisen. The Duke, Premier Vellin, and Raden Ghere throw their weight behind the metallurgy project. A party of mining engineers is despatched to Kasovia to see about improving levels of production and ore purity. Meanwhile, in Thalcedon, work begins on a new smelter for the project, and this time, the contractors are much more carefully vetted. At the same time, a group working with the small amounts of the new steel alloy that have already been made begins to investigate potential applications; the advantages of lighter armor and weapons that are as strong as those in current use are obvious, but the new alloy's springiness suggests intriguing possibilities for archery . . .
Difficulty: Easy (+1)
Factors: Base is Hard (-1). Quadruple weight gives a (+2) bonus, raising it to Easy.

Action resolution

Action 1-4: The metals project
Resolution: Diff = Hard (-1) + Dice (0-+-) + Extras (quadruple: +2) = 0 Mixed results
Results: results so far (0,0,x)