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Actions in the Game Year 1439

Society Name: Mir

Action 1-4: *

TITLE: Restart coterie and military training. Following a "cooling off" period following the disasters of years earlier, the leadership of Mir again presses to expand their arcane and military power. A heavy public relations campaign is also employed, citing the expanding (and increasingly hostile) power of the Defense Leauge (including the obvious risk of priacy from this 'rouge' orginization), the increased arcane power of other nations recovering from the Sinari war, and the increased religious activity across the world. (Primarily, this is a political action to prime the populace to accept a significant expansion of available force.) ACTORS: Council of Twelve and the Archmage WEIGHT: Triple (+2) KEY ELEMENTS: The influence of the actors (+2 for the AM, -1 for the Council). United, I doubt that the Council would drag down the AM's influence. Instead, this rare show of unity would probably elevate the composite influence to about +3 DIFFICULTY: Very Hard (-2) BACKGROUND FACTORS: +1 The Ka'Shari embargo makes it easy to present an example of the imminent threat +1 Mirrish history acts to support this action--the Mirrish people have lost much of their power and prestige in the world, along with this, Mir bore (in their eyes) the brunt of the Sanari war and have recieved almost no recognition from the world at large (easy to paint a 'us versus them' kind of world in this context).

Action resolution

Action 1-4
Resolution: Diff = Hard (-1) + Dice (00+-) + Extras (+2) = +1 Success

Results: Mir becomes politically functinable again. They see their position as the supreme power on the Midsea threatened by "small fish".