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Actions in Game Year 1426

Society Name: East Torphan


Action 1 & 2 - Consolidation & Assistance to those in need (3rd of 3 yrs.)

Continue consolidation of the new province of Vieninia and absorption of the Vieninia army. Units involved in the recent campaigns will be sent home or allocated as needed to assist societies in need and to maintain order and peace in Vieinia. Some troops will be assigned to local leaders who joined the Burcancy to provide assistance if they are threatened or to aid their efforts to expand their holdings. All joint efforts will be approved the Burcancy-Tanimbar high command. Local leaders who do not follow B-T command decisions or rules of engagement will be penalized.
Former Cedonian units will slowly be rotated to the Burcancy for additional training and combined with existing units to keep a unified army. Extra efforts will be made by all commanders to create this single army. As much as possible Cedonian troops will be returned home after training in combined units to minimize problems. As the army develops and the province becomes part of Burcancy, more troops can be assigned to foreign soil. This rule is subject to change to allow for specialized Cedonian units that might have been absorbed.
Some troops can accompany the fleet which has recently been contacting various nations as part of their diplomatic efforts. Mages and diplomatic counsel accompany all diplomatic and supply efforts. Local nobles looking for additional trade are invited to join.

Difficulty: Hard (-1)
Prime Determinant: Secondary Philosophical Orientation (Conquest)
Technological Base: Metallurgic
+2 - Exploitation of Resources - Good/ Resources - Good/ Wealth - Good
Military Size: Fair
Military Force: Good +1
Naval Size: Fair
Military Force: Good +1
+2 - Cedonia in collapse/aftermath of the tsunami
+1 - Tanimbar support
+1 - lands & Cedonia forces are well scouted
+1 - good relations with Vieinia nobles and people
+1 - Supplies & counsel should be welcome in many areas
-1 - some rebel forces still active
+1 - superb success

-1+1+2+1 (-1 0 +1 -1 )+(+1 +1 0 +1) +1 (+1 +1 -1 -1) = +6 complete Success

The project finish with Vieinia relations with your are at Superb. (Villard know has stautes for his P/A/I over the coutry. Talk to me about it Joel)

Action 2
Proposal of the creation of the Federation of the Inland Sea. In light of the excellent relations between Burcancy, Tanimbar and now Vieinia, King Villard suggests that these relations be formalized and expanded. A defense and free trade pact be created between the aforementioned societies. The proposed Federation will remain open to accept other societies in the future.
Prime Determinant: Secondary Philosophical Orientation (Conquest) King Villard's Authority: Superb
Action: Hard (-1)
+2 - Excellent Relations w/ Tanimbar and Vieinia
+1 - Free trade in each nation's interest
+1 - last years +6 success w/ Vieinia

+3 -1 +3 (-1 -1 -1 -1) = +1 Success

Vieinia is more then will ing. (Well lets face it you do control the country), but relations with Tanimbar suddenly seem to start to cool down. They agree to think about the proposal but nothing more is forth comeing.

Action 3 & 4
The Brotherhood Continue to Study the Development of War Mages Action - Internal, Strategic (continued action from previous War Mage research but we will list this as yr. 5 of 10 (or more))
Secret Action

Mirish sorcerers finish training about 10 war mages. Further training could result in surrendering some potential control over the War Mages to the Mir or a potential clash of loyalties. And the King, the Opheir and the Brotherhood are reluctant to surrender control to anyone, even w/ their excellent relations with Mir & the potential marriage, the decision is made to use the trained mages, and the recent advancements in weather control magic to create an entirely new type of war mage, possibly able to create localized weather conditions of a battlefield or even create lightning bolts & other natural or weather related phenomenon in combat and out. Each of the 10 trained war mages will train other mages, so the new class of war mages will consist of 30 mages.

Actors: King Villard, Opheir, the Brotherhood
Objective: Training of War Mages
Type: Magical/Training
Secrecy: Yes (-1)
Difficulty: Very Hard (-2)
Prime Determinant: Secondary Philosophical Orientation
Conquest (acquisition)
Magical Sophistication - Superb
+2 - Magical Sophistication (Superb)
+1 - previous war mage training
+1 - Extra Action

Half way mark -1-1+1+2+1+1 (+1+1 -1 0) + (-1 -1 0 0) + (-1 -1 -1 0) + (-1 0 -1 0) +1 + (-1 0 0 0) +1 = -2

Like learning all things you have come into a stumbling block. While the new people seem to pe learning your original warmages are not advancing themselves.

Action 5 - More work on the fleet (Naval/Merchant) (yr. 4 of 5)

Merchant fleets the last year has seen several major breakthroughs in technology and skill levels of the fleet. The skills of the fleets of the world around them continue to grow as do the fleets themselves of other nations. The decision is made to continue the progress started. New ships will be built and old ones retrofitted w/ new technology. Training will continue of all sailors. Trading expeditions will be sent to all the known lands that can be reached and unknown territories are to be mapped. These are to be diplomatic missions.

Actors: King Villard, Parliament of Lords
Objective: Increase skills & technology of Navy & Merchant Fleet and subsequently Fighting Skills, Trade and Wealth/ Expansion of naval base on Tear Island
Type: Trade/Technology/Fighting
Secrecy: None
Difficulty: Hard
Prime Determinant: Secondary Philosophical Orientation
- Acquisition (trade)
Technological Base: Metallurgic
Wealth: Good
Exploitation: Good
Resources: Good
Exports: include Iron, Timber (these resources are available for use)
-1 - extra action
+1 - Secondary PO - acquisition
+2 - Exploitation of Resources - Good/ Resources - Good/ Wealth - Good Naval (not merchant) construction to take place on Tear Island.
+ 1 to anything dealing with the fleet for the next five years. (4th of 5 yrs.)

-1 +1 +2 (-1 +1 -1 -1) + 1 + (+1 0 +1 -1) -1 +1 (+1 0 -1 +1) -1 + (+1 +1 +1 -1) -1 + ()

Burcancy shipyards are full of ships that as soon as they are done next year will fill the docks of Burcancy seaport city.