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Actions in the Game Year 1425

Society Name: Hansarii

ActionNumber: 1 & 2

Group1: Strategic

Group2: Internal

D1: Develop/invest

Actor: Hansarii people

Action: metals are valuable

Weight: Double

GroupSecrecy: SecretNo

Primary: Resources

Difficulty: Normal (Hard)

Task mods: tehir are plans to build a new city near to the northern mountains. Some nomads has discovered some new miningsites with valuable metals.

Task type: Business as usual

Reaction mods: people are recruted and volunteers wanted to build a new city. Many different craftsmen get the opportunity to build e new life close to the border with the Olozog.

Description: the king and queen hope to gather 1.000 people to move to the new mining sites. The valuable metals are a new resource for weapons, trade and investigation of new technisues. several soldiers and warriors will escort and protect the new mining sites. Mallik will have to provide some men to protect this new town and the royal economist will have to find funds for building it.

+1 -1 +1 (0 0 +1 0) = +2 Success

The mine opens and people move to help. Nothing seems to be wrong. (Do this for another year or two.)

ActionNumber: 3 & 4

Group1: Strategic

Group2: External

D1: Espionage

Actor: Twirre

Action: knowledge is power

Weight: Double

GroupSecrecy: SecretActionandResult

Primary: Relations

Difficulty: Very hard

Task mods: infiltrate in cedonian society and report back any important knowledge about military, economic and science projects.

Task type: Cautious

Reaction mods: Twirre knows his spies and people verry well but Cedonia is unexplored terrain. Caution is needed !

Description: Twirre will use his entwork of spies, thieves and any means he thinks is neccesary to gaininformation about Cedonia. He wants to prepare himself to give His King and Queen all knowledge they need when they decide to send a negotiation party to Cedonia about tradingroutes and exchange of goods and knowledge.

-2 +1 (-1 +1 0 -1) = -2 Failure

Nothing is except the cedonia is in Chaos is discovered.

ActionNumber: 5

Group1: Tactical

Group2: Internal

D1: Develop/invest

Actor: Mallik con d'haviendha

Action: fortifications are crusial

Weight: Single

GroupSecrecy: SecretNo

Primary: Military force

Difficulty: Hard

Task mods: Mallik has plans to prepare for building some new fortifications among he borders and on he two largest islands the Hansarii control.

Task type: Business as usual

Reaction mods: a proposal is given to the king. Mallik hopes his proposal will be accepted. It means he can recrute people to build fortresses, fortified harbors and strenghten the existing city walls and borders.

Description: Mallik will try to convince the king it is neccesary to create new fortifications. With other actons at hand like the negotiations with Cedonia and a mission to investigate the Torphan borders he thinks it i crucial to prepare for unexpected incidents and prepare the armies and cities for worst cases.

-1 +1 -1 (+1 +1 -1 +1) = +1 Success

The King is perswaided and gives his aproval for it to start next year.

(The actolly fortification