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Actions in the Game Year 1427

Society Name: Milakanuri

Action: Internal
Action type: development
Actor: Per-Aa
Weight: quadripal
No securacy
Primary Detriment: Scholastics

The Per-Aa has it announced through out the kingdom that He wishes to have a great wall of stone built where the kingdom borders the desert to help protect the kingdome from future depratdiatons of the Shanari. The individual who comes up with the best and most effective method of doing so will become the royal architect and given one of his daughters as wife.

Secondary determint:Crafts
Actor: The Per-Ae

Over all description: the development of technices and design that will allow a defensive wall to be built on the kingdoms border with the desert. {more or less the equivilant of the great wall of china.
Diffculty Very Hard.

0 -2 +3 +1 (0 0 0 +1) = +3 Complete Success

Several ideas are persented, but the One is choosen (Do you know anything about Hadrians Wall?)