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Actions in the Game Year 1426

Society Name: Tora

Actions 1, 2 & 3: Try to find suitable people (or just a suitable person) to send south.

After many debates between Azron and the High council, Azron managed to persuade the council to look for suitable people to send south to watch the lands there directly. The people should be masterful in many skills, truly able to watch their surroundings using any means available to them, they should be able to communicate with birds so that they can send their information back, and they should be extremely devout to Jiryal. Above all they must realise that Tora relies on its isolation to preserve its culture, their job will be to watch and not to interact with.

Primary determinant: Authority (+1)
Actors: Azron and the High council
Difficulty: Hard (-1) (Very Hard -2 you have been a very isolated society.)
Weight: +2 triple action
Modifiers: + There are many extremely able priests, who want to help show Jiryal the world.

+1 -2 +1 (-1 +1 +1 +1) +2 = +4 complete Success

Ten people are found who fit the what Azron was looking for. They are all eager to help in what ever way the can.