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Actions in the Game Year 1421

Society Name:Razanians

Action 1 & 2:  Fortify Positions

It was decided to take a year break by fortifying their positions before continuing the push.
Also alows a chance to bring in fresh reinforments.

Actor: Northern and Western Armies
Objective: Fortify Positions and Reinforments
Difficulty: Hard
+United Force
+Aryisa still on the defensive
+Double Action

-1 +2 (+1 0 -1 -1 ) +1 = +1 Success

Razanian are able to fortify their postions but they are not as succer as they had hopes they
 would be.  When war is not pursuded this year the army seem wastly releaved.

Action IV. - Liberation of Haran ( 4 to 5 )

The Razanian Front leaders had made a meeting somewhere, hidden from the Aryisans.
They have to start focusing than spread out all over the place, not doing enough damage in
nyone place. The Aryisans have already starting to find some Razanian Front hideouts and
resistence cells, so they must start concentrating on a target, Haran. After some agreements,
they decide that should try concentrating on liberating Haran, where the Aryisans have their
second largest city and port. The Majority of Razanian Front resources will be put into doing
this, but they'll still have other hideouts at other parts of Aryisa to keep the Asagmari a hard

Action 3. - Strategic/Tactical, internal/external (Razanian Front)

Actors: Razanian Front
Objective: Liberating Kingdom of Haran
Type: Espionage/Rebelling/hiding/whatever
Secrecy: Yes
Difficulty: Very Hard
Prime Determinant: War
Secondary Determinant: Survival
+Razanian Front already spread out in Haran
+Aryisa transfering more and more Southern military to the northern front
+concentration in one area than all over the place
-Risk of having the Aryisan stopping the Front for good
+Century Council support
+Southern Armies helping
Reaction: Cautious

Results -2 +3 -1 (0 +1 +1 +1 ) + ( +1 0 0 +1) + (0 0 +1 0) + (-1 -1 -1 0) + ( )

Liberation movement seems to be lossing some of its steam, but it is still going strong.

Action 4: Improve trade and relations with Ban Horroth and Celpalar

Celpalar is interested in trade weapons and so on for resources. Ban Horroth will trade
resources for Razanian Products, equipment, weaponry. Razanians will be able to profit indeed.

Actors: Century Council & Trade Conference
Objective: Improve trade and relations
Difficulty: Hard

+Already in good terms with Ban Horroth and Celpalar
+various Razanian Trade Centers opened for trade

-1 -1 +2 (-1 +1 0 -1) = -1 Failure

The Ban Horroth due not increase trade anymore then they already have with the Razanians, and
Celpalar is disracted by the gem called the Torphan Empire Trade.