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Actions in the Game Year 1425

Society Name: Mir

Actions I, II, III: The Eastern Timar Plan. (1 of 5 years)

With Mirs less then desired result from last year they have come up with a new plan. The army is to countiune to be stationed their, but units are to be sent home for a couple months and then sent back with others are sent home. This is to contiune as long as needed. They are to keep order in Timar. Keep the nobles in power, but try to also keep the peasents from being abused, any complaints against person in the army are to be listened to and dealt with. The Archmage is to travel this year to Timar and make a grand tour for a the troops around the coutry for a moral buster. Also food is still to be sent to the country.

Primary Determent: Military Force (+1)
Difficulty: Hard (-1)
Weight: Triple (+2)
Actors: Militarty
Secrecy: None
Modifiers: + Archmages vist.
- ben in the field for long time.
+ trips home.
+ incomeing food.

Much better success. A large scale troop withdrawl will still be necessary within a few years but the troops are faring much better.
Action IV: Rebuild the Celamyrsa Family home. (3 of 3 years)

The family home of the Celamyrsa family has laid in ruins since the time of Imperial Mir. With the restoration of the Family to the Throne of Mir Eubrotosa orders that the ancient home be rebuilt. Located in the northern part of the island were the family orginated. It is to be rebuilt and added on to.

Primary Determent: Wealth (Great +2)
Difficulty: Normal
Weight: Singal
Actors: Builders
Secrecy: none
Modifiers: + National Monument
- Most available wealth and resources are being sent to Timar as a priority


This, combined with the previous two years of work, yeilds the desired results--a respectable national monument that also doubles as a functional residence (harder than it sounds).