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Actions in the Game Year 1421

Society Name: Mir

Action I: Countiue with Battle
Same as last Year.

Action II, III, IV: Free the Eerith
With the artifact that they discovered last year Mir has desided. It is time once again to try and free the Eerith. The Archmage, Facresa, most of the Council and all of the Mirish mages in the area will cast the spell.

Primary Determent: Magic Sophistication (+4)
Diffculty: Huge (-3) (note, the difficulty in this case is only huge, not epic, due to the multiple actions spent in the past decade researching and combatting the sheild. Normally, this would be an epic or greater task and originally was, but repeated application of efforts and research such as finding the artifact have combined to lower the difficulty)
Weight: triple (+2)
Actors: Sorcerers
Secrecy: Sin-Alb
Modifiers:+ The Artifact
+ All the mages (after discussion, it was decided that this bonus would not be applicable since these same mages would be needed to maintain defense against the Sinari agression)
+ Facresa abilities


Oh, what a mess. After all these centuries, it's really down. That is not, necessarily a good thing.

The short version:

..The Eerith are free from their sleeping prison. Some Eerith (or Eerith-like beings) remain loyal to Sin-Alb but most immediately flee south. Some among the Mir are concerned that, if the prison was also restraining Sin-Alb, then he too may be freed.

..Despite the lowering of the shield, the immediate stance of the city remains unchanged. It's still in Unnirand. It still floats. No weird surprises along those lines. (great sigh of relief)

..To the shock of the Mir, the "Scepter" provided to them by the Eerith is not the same scepter as they have been seeking. The Eerith are unconcerned with Mirrish accusations of treachery, replying simply that "We have dealt with Mir too long to act with good faith. Now that you have provided us with the services we required, we will honor our portion of the agreement." The Mir are given the location of the Scepter they have been seeking (this location, after consulting their own libraries and histories, makes a lot more sense than where the previous version was found. I'll leave it to Jason to decide if he wishes to make the location public.).

..In the hours after the release, both the King of the Wood and the "Scepter" escape notice (presumably returning to the Onigar peoples).

..While comparing notes after the event, the Council is disturbed by two abnormalities during the performance of the ritual. One is that the Sinari Seeresses, during the ritual, were acting but not, as expected, in opposition to the Mir but, instead, either in supplication to Sin-Alb or, even more disturbing, to aid Mir. The second abnormality is Facresa herself who seems to be inordinately powerful compared to her purported background and training.