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Actions in the Game Year 1428

Society Name: Shanari

Actions for the Shanariyya Commonwealth.

1. Develop Trans-Calarnar trade route (Kharou'I Sin-Akbari-Jabau). (1 action, over 5 turns)
Strategic/External/Difficulty: reasonable/Risk: none/Economic-Trade.
Determinant - Shanariyya security (+1), Shanari trading abilities (+1) and availability of new trade route (+1). Impact of Sinari cult (-2).

Difficulty: Hard -1

Shanari caravans began traversing the Trans-Calarnar trade route that links Akbari to Kharou'I Sin and Jabau, protected by small heavily armed squads of cavalry specially commissioned from the elite Shanariyya Core. These squads though have strict instructions to camp outside the city walls of Kharou'I Sin and Jabau, never entering them.

Every such caravan pays a tax of 10% on profits earned from the trade, to the Commonwealth Treasury in Akbari.
[Each caravan is guarded by 20 cavalry, of Professional standard]

+1 -1 (0 0 -1 +1) + () + () + () + ()

The caravn route is created.

2. The death of the Conveyor, the Alb-Sheikh Faymiyun al Shawari, and formalisation of the Council of Companions, with Shanjil Yuliyan al Shawari elected as the Talis of the Commonwealth. The Shanariyya Commonwealth now begins to develop into a much more formally organised theocracy. (1 action, 1 year).
Tactical/Internal/Difficulty: slight threat to stability/political.
Determinants: Election within established religion (+2), within clan of the dead Conveyor (+2), threat of breakdown in authority of the Shanariyya Commonwealth (-2).

Difficulty: Hard

With the death of the great Conveyor Faymiyun, the consultative council of disciples, followers and tribal elders he had established many years ago temporarily fills the power vacuum.

Meeting in the prayer hall in Akbari, soon after the Alb-Sheikh's burial, the council debated the political future of the Shanariyya Commonwealth. Proposals are made and candidates put forward. Eventually the Conveyor's cousin, Shanjil Yuliyan al Shawari, one of the earliest converts to the Millat religion and an early refugee from Milakanur, is elected as the Commander of the Brethren and the Talis (Binder) of the Commonwealth.

+2 -1 (+1 -1 +1 0) = +2 Success

Shanjil Yuliyan al Shawari. Is successful placed as Commander of the Commonwealth.

3. Collection of the Conveyor's revelations into a single book, the Scroll, by the Companions. (1 action, 1 year)
Determinants: action by a central authority (+1), occurring recently after death of Conveyor (+2), general community consensus for action (+2).

Difficulty: Hard

The first act of the new Talis, Shanjil Yuliyan, is the ordering of the writing down of the Scroll (otherwise known as the Gospel of Shanar), the series of revelations received by the Conveyor from Sin-Alif (He Who is One), until now recorded only in the oral tradition. This is so the Revelations can be preserved more permanently, and to allow an easier conveyance of the Message to the Shanari tribes outside of the Shanariyya Commonwealth, particularly those in the Kelshir Mountains and in Milakanur.

The Talis, Shanjil, orders all Companions to remain in Akbari until the Scribes of the Council have been able to take down on paper the verses and chapters of the Scroll they had memorised. Once this is completed, the written records are then compiled in order, and the mass production of copies of the Scroll begun.

+1 -1 (0 0 0 +1) = +1 Success

The Scroll is completed

4. Call up of all troops, including a recall for all military expeditions outside the central provinces. (1 action, 1 turn)
Determinants: heightened tensions of Commonwealth (-1), test of new authority of the Talis (-1), regimental organisation of Army (+2), religious devotion increased at this "turning point" (+1).

Difficulty: Hard

As a result of the instability caused by the death of the Conveyor, Alb-Sheik Faymiyun, and the fear of an opportunistic attack by Sinari bandits, Terebuan, Milakanur or Bel'Adne, the Talis Shanijl recalls all troops currently on active duty outside the central provinces of the Central Mountains, the Lesser Mountains and the Upper Kelshir.

Furthermore, the Talis calls up the full cohort of existing provisional troops. The Shanariyya Army is already at full standing strength (3 Core Divisions of 1000 each). The calling up of the First Flank (10,000 provisionals), will swell the standing army to 13,000.

Existing patrols of trade routes between Bel'Adne, Jabau, Kelshir and the Ban Horroth are to be limited to the guarding of caravans, which the First Core Division will carry out (1000 Professionals). This leaves 12,000 for general defence.

-1 -1 +1 (-1 +1 +1 +1) = +1 Success

The Troops are called up, but they don't really seemed as need this year.