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Actions in the Game Year 1428

Society Name: Avatar

Title: "Dam Project" (continued from last year)
Method: Finish filling in the area drained by the dams with a bit of a PR stunt as the Baron himself does some of the manual 'work' shoveling gravel in front of the people.
Goal: Create a system of dams and fill to provate access to an island as well as extra land. Morale boost by Baron himself "helping".
Positive outcome: Extra land, positive PR for the baron.
Negative outcome: Waste of resources
Primary Determinant: Resources Very Good (+2)
Difficulty: Hard
Actors: Work crews, engineers, and the Baron him self.
weight: Single action.
Modifiers: +second year of construction and almost finished.

+2 -1 (+1 0 -1 +1) = + 2 Success

The Dame project is finished. Land is increased, but the people aren't really that impressed with the Baron's helping.

Title: "Founding of the Stadtische Leute Centre"
Method: Create a sort of school or research centre for the advancement of engineering and social issues attached to urban planning. People from all over Qaiyore will be permited to study, contribute, and learn all about the new ideas and technology developed at the school... for a nominal price of course.
Goal: Founding of a centre that flows with new ideas on engineering, construction, and social issues.
Primary determinant: Scholastic Sophistication Good (+1)
Difficulty: Hard
Actors: Work crews, engineers, academics
Modifiers: +Avatar is alrdy a renown city for progressive ideas on the construction and governing of cities, this simply provides a formal institution.
+The new baron has many academic contancts on this subject throughout the free cities, many of whom are not respected or listened to in their current positions and would jump at the chance to join this new school
+extra action point
-With many construction projects also ongoing, building materials may become in short supply.

+1 -1 +3 -1 (-1 -1 0 0) = O Mixed Results

The School is built, but not more is achived. Many people in and out of the free cities are asking the same question. "Were is Avatar?"

Title: "More materials!"
Method: Large scale development in all areas related to resource gathering, processing, and construction. Special attention given to cement and steel
Goal: Over the next 5 years double our current cement and steel production as well as noticable increases in other industrial sectors.
Primary determinant: Resources Very good (+2)
Difficialy: Very Hard
Actors: Every citizen
Modifiers: -With many construction projects also ongoing, building materials may become in short supply.

+2 -2 -1 (0 +1 0 0) = 0 Mixed Results

No new materials are discovered locally, but a town called Hilporion up river (farther then Guima.) has a lot of the materials Avatar is looking for.