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Actions in the Game Year 1428

Society Name: Mir

Title: The Eastern Timar Plan (4 of 5 years.)

Actions: 1, 2

Mir stops the troops training and places the troops with in the Mirish army under mirish leadership, but that is not the main point for this year. The Archmage has called for a meeting of the most powerful noblemen in the area controled by Mir to meet at Talishara. There he will inform them that Timar is being declared a Princibality of Mir and that Nirotosa will be crown Prince. He will informe then that their will be a council of Noblemen to advice the prince on maters of state, and Mir will return to the Oracle the Oracles priest which are under the protection of Mir. Also that the noblemen, as long as they are loyal to Mir, will keep their holdings. As this meeting is being held their will be a parade of the Mirish army thought the city of Talishara. (The noice and parade are reminders that Mirs military force is outside.) Also before the meeting Mir will be holding public and private fest. (Reminders that Mir kept food coming in, and also kept the peace.)

Primary Determinant: Military Force (Good +1)
Secondary Determinant: Relations (were they Fair or Good.)
Diffculty: Very Hard (-2)
Weight: Double (+1)
Actors: Nirotosa and military
Secrecy: None
Modifiers: + The stablility that Mir has brough
+ The peasents have not had any real complaits, and the noble men keep their holdings
+ Niortosa's good will tour last year.
+ Reminders before and at the meeting
- Noblemen want power.
-2 Holdover of nationalistic sentiments (this will drop to -1 next year and to 0 at the conclusion of the 5 turn action)

+1-2+1+1+(+1+1+1-1) [looks like all the bad rolls for the past few turns finally decided to level out] = +3

The meeting itself is a huge success. Officially, all of the nobles seem to support this although it will take them some time to influence the lesser nobility (hence the -2 shrinking penalty). Unofficially, there are still those who seek power and the region will be volatile for some time and the local nobility may not be fully trustworthy. (Time will tell.) However, out of this meeting, several issues are raised to the Archmage's attention:
1-If Niotrosa is Prince, is he also eligible to become ruler of Mir after the current Archmage passes? If so, what is the order of succession for Timar? Many of the nobility have tenuous claims on the throne which they could pursue if the matter is not clearly adressed to their satisfaction. (Also, will the area be renamed to reflect its status as a "new" place?)
2-Does this apply to the Floating City currently parked above the Oracle? What about the refugees from the Wyr basin and Myr-Kun and the Black Seerers (the converted Sinari who fought with Mir at Talishara)? Are these refugees now residents of the land they are on and ruled by whoever is in charge there, wards of Mir, forgien troops, etc.? Note-all of these factors as well as the Mirrish association with the Eerith serve to destabilize the local rulers.
3-Will any of this area be ceeded to Agrigax and/or the Dun-Ri in recognition of their support in the war?
4-The Order of Lucia would like to assume responsibility for the security of the Oracle and its priesthood. Since the two groups worked virtually hand-in-glove during the war, they have already effectively merged and would like this "officially" acknowldeged (the Preisthood of the Oracle and the Order of Lucia would become one entity, much like the Knights Templar and the Temple of Solomon during the Crusades)

Title: Train more Warmages. (3 of 5 years)
Actions: 3, 4

The Archmage seeing that the warmages are trying to learn. Leaves them to their teachers. He has instructed the Warlord Ria though that war with Timar may on the horizon, and that more trained warmages may a way to shorten or pervent the war.

Primary Determinant: Military Force (Good +1)
Secondary Determinant: Magic Sophisticaion (Legendary +4) (secondary modifier of +2)
Diffculty: Very Hard (-2)
Weight: Double (+1)
Actors: warmages
Secrecy: little
- No further Eerith directed training
+ Success of the privious warmages

(Previous net total of -2)

Finally, progress. This brings the net total for this ongoing action to +1 and for the first time, everyone concerned begins to hope for long term gains.

Action 5. Persasion. (2 of ? years.)

Archivest Kabald will try to get an apointment with Granthatan. He has had no luck with other avinues so he will try the old man. It is rummored that he has the Archmages ear.

Primary Determinant: Sholastic Sophistication ( Suerb +3 )
Secondary Determinant: ?
Difficulty: Hard (-1)
Weight: Singal
Actors: Archivest Kabald
Secrecy: No
Modifiers: A lot of odd modifiers at work here but I think they would all balance out.

Honestly, this action looks really familiar so I may have already resolved it and forgotten, I'm not sure. Odd, deja vu.

The results of Kabald's activities leaves him even more mystified than before. It seems that the Archivist Granthtan is even more difficult to find and see than the Archmage BUT by seeking Granthtan, he attracts the attention of some of the very people who previously turned a deaf ear to his inquiries. Kabald finds himself placed in the queue for an audience with the Archmage but with the caution that he is not to inquire any further regarding Granthtan and with no definite date for the audience. It is intimated to Kabald that his perseverance on this matter may jeopardize his life although no specific threats are ever made. A long and odd year for a librarian to be sure.