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Actions in the Game Year 1427

Society Name: Mir

Title: The Eastern Timar Plan (3 of 5 years.)

Actions: 1, 2

Description: The Archmage is going to slowly withdraw troops from Eastern Timar. By the end of the year he hopes to have with drawn 1/3 of the troops. In their place he will be placeing the new trainies. The Archmage is going to also have the army countiune to requit more of the native Timarians for the Mirish army. They will countiune to train them. Nirotosa will travel to around Eastern Timar servaing the troops. Niorotosa is hoping that this tour will impress the new requrites.

Primary Determinant: Military Force (Good +1)
Secondary Determinant: Wealth (Great +2)
Diffculty: Very Hard (-2)
Weight: Double (+1)
Actors: Nirotosa and military
Secrecy: None
+ Nirotosa presents.
+ Peace has been kept so far.
-1 Area is still politically unstable with no clear ruling body evidencing power. The temptation for newly trained troops with unscrupulous and ambitious leaders to make a power grab is very strong.


The action goes suprisingly smoothly (there remains some concern as to the ultimate loyalty of the new troops--is this a Mirrish colony or the foundation of a local government?)

Title: Train more Warmages. (2 of 5 years)

Actions: 3+4

Even after last years disastor the Archmage has desided to go on with the training, but this time he is taking a part in it. He will make suprise vist to the training, and at the beging of the year the Archmage will give a patriatich speach. He is hopeing that by take a personal hand in the training the they will start learning.

Primary Determinant: Military Force (Good +1)
Secondary Determinant: Magic Sophisticaion (Legendary +4) (secondary modifier of +2)
Diffculty: Very Hard (-2)
Weight: Double (+1)
Actors: warmages and Archmage
Secrecy: little
a) + Archmages involvment, -1 Archmage involvment (the presence of the Archmage is both a distraction as well as a challenging political balancing act of military versus civil authority)
b) - No further Eerith directed training
c) + Success of the privious warmages


The training continues as a slow process of relearning. (Net total from two year of 5 now at -2).
Actions 5 Secert.