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The Final Battle
by Jason Heaps

As the year 1423 dies the evil god Sin-Alb uses the Oracle for his own evil purpose. Word reaches Mirabalpur the goddess Miracradsa responded by traveling to the Oracle and using the Golden Mirror she is able to discover what Sin-Alb asked that Oracle and what the answer was. She and the Eerith Valor left and bored a ship.

Two weeks latter the Sinari attack. They slowly push past each level of fortifications. Then they arrive at walls of Talishara, as the United Army closed the gates. The mages of Mir, Celpalar, Fae, Burcancy stood up ont walls. The Battle of the Gods or as it is called by the humans, The Final Battle had begun.


On Stone Island in the mystical room stood Sin-Alb. He raised his hands and summoned the creature in the room. It came, and spoke in a voice that could be heard all over the island. "Lorgrenes called Sin-Alb you have summoned me. Which god do you wish to summon?"

"Alatta." The twisted god-archmage said. The creature true from emerges for the first time in centuries. It was not a creature at all but a gateway to the realm of the gods. The gate show and spun and seemed to humm for a moment.

Emerging from the gateway came a old man who skin clung to his face like a defidrated dead body. He wore tattooed black robes that seemed about ready to fall apart. The worse of all though was the evilness and the insanity that shown from his eyes.

Alatta looked at Lorgrenes/ Sin-Alb. "What do you wish?" He sneered. "Are you so powerless that you have to summon me to fight your wars."

Sin-Alb sneered back. "I am an Archmage of Mir and Valeerith. I need no ones help." On his faces spread an grin so evil that Alatta tried to step back but he was being held in place by the gateway. "Your magic is all I need to out rank all the gods of the Dreaming. Just as I became the valeerith who destroyed each other so shall you become part of me." Sin-Alb starts to move forward hand out stretched. He sees a light from the door and then finds himself flat against the far wall. In the door way stand Miracradsa and Valor.

Miracradsa tattoos burned a deep blue as she walked to stand over her corrupt priest and archmage. Valor went to stand before Alatta. In his hand he brandished the Scepter of the Eerith.

Alatta says. "Thank you for coming he almost optioned ultimate godhood." Valors eyes were cold as he spoke.

"It is not him who is our enemy. It is you." Valors form began to blaze. "My people shall be free." then he raised his hand with the scepter in it, and light blazed forth.


As one scepter was raised so was another. Eubratosa raised the Scepter of Mir in Talishara. With it he summoned that dragons to battle. He then used the power of the Scepter to create and ice shield around the city.


Far to the south on one of the unexplored island the dragons burst forth from their caves. As they did so the island exploded. They flew north towards the battle.

Form the city of Anneanye the dragons of Sin-Alb burst forth and headed towards Talishara. Dragons breath burring the ice shield over the city of Talishara.


Miracradsa stood over her fallen priest. She looked with compassion at him. Slowly she began to float and she began to shin. Her human body burned away and she stood before Lorgrenes in all her divine power.

"Dexter and Alb. Your fighting have caused havoc over the world. You helped to bring about the evil of Alatta. And almost destroyed not just god and men but eerith as well. For this you shall be no more." She stretched for her hand placed it on Lorgrenes forehead. She held it their as he convulsed, and screamed in pain. Then scream merged into two separate screams. AS the two warring Valeerith were killed for ever by the goddess had. When the convulsing had subsided the body of Lorgrenes, the evil god Sin-Alb was dead. All that remained was a shrunken husk, and a bright glowing spirit. The freed spirit of Lorgrenes.

The spirit turned to his goddess and body and then left going to the realm of the goddess to await her return. The goddess left and did not look back. The people of Qaiyore needed her.

Valor finished his spell and cast it at the evil called Alatta. The explosion that followed was seen as far as the Razanian Coast, and the tsunami created changed the face of Celandra.


The Ice shield had long ago melted and shattered under the dragons fire but now the two side of dragons fought each other in the skies above the city while the while the Sinari besieged the city. The mages cast great spells of magic. The number of dragons had decreased to the point were only about two dozen still lived. The ground battle was just as undecided. Massive amounts of people were dying but yet the Sinari still came.

All of the suddenly everything stooped.

Across the sky came a figure. A God. The mirish mages and people of Talishara held their breath for fear that it was Sin-Alb. The sinari raised a cheer believing that it was their god come to destroy the enemy, but then figure drew closer. It was not a god but a goddess. The Sinari for once felt fear. She roses above the battle field and turned to the dragons. The two sides stopped fighting. They now followed the goddess. She turned to the Sinari, and spoke in a voice that was heard across the world.

"Sin-Alb is dead. His madness driven from him. And also the evil of alatta is dead. This is your world again. Guard against they that would wish to gain god hood. For mortals are not created for god hood." Then laid the contents revenge on the Sinari for following a false god.

Dragon fire burned across the field. Swarming flies and countless lighting bolts, and fire balls spread across the sky from the mages. But the greatest destruction came from the goddess and she spread forth her hand and countless bodes fell in death and were destoryed to the earth in the blink of an eye.

When all was done. The False Seeress were killed to a women. Nine tenths of the sinari were dead. Their bodies were destroyed into nothing. The field were the great battle took place looked that same as it had the week before. Thus was the wraith of the gods of the Dreaming shown to the world.

The Goddess stood above all of this and for a moment she seemed to be surround by a group bright beings. Then the groups disappeared.

Eubratosa looks at his warlord. "We have seen the Gods this day. They have saved their people."


In Mir the mage Dioya is heard to have said. "I am ready." and then he died.