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Actions in the Game Year 1423

Society Name: Torphan

Action 1: Try to get the people and government used to interaction (1 of 4 years)

Because of the Emperors will to come out of isolation, and because it is happening so
rapidly, the people of Torphan are a little upset. Everything is happening so quickly and so
abruptly that most people dont have time to get used to it.  Because of this, the Emperor
has decided to slow down for a while, to let people get accustomed to the change, before
proceeding any further.

Primary Determinet: Trade
Secondary determinet: Relations
Actor: The Emperor
Weight: Single
Difficutly: Normal (Hard -1 people are realy uses to isolation.)
Secrecy: None
Modifiers: + already starting to come out of isolation
+ some people are ok with it, but not all
+ 4 years for people to get used to it now
+ the Emperors status over the people
- people upset

-1 +2 -1 + (0 -1 -1 +1 -1) + () + () + ()

The populas does not responded well to the Emperors attempts to force the outside on them.

Action 2: Fortify the northern part of Torphan (1 of 3 years)

First, I will explain why Torphan would be concerned with the war and how they know. 
Torphan is concerned with the war because they have a god on their side (thats right, right?)
and because of their movements.  They represent a threat to the empire and torphan would
want to protect themselves.  Torphan knows of the war and its progress because of the trade
route.  While trading, they are gathering a little info about whats happening.  I'm pretty sure
that the war would come up in a conversation somehow.

Primary Determinet: Fortification
Actor: The Army and builders
Weight: Single
Difficutly: Normal (Hard -1 that is a lot of borders)
Secrecy: None
Modifiers: + large army to spread out along boarder
+ forts and cities already established

-1 +1 (0 -1 +1 -1 -1) + () + ()

The discontentment in the coutry slows down as the workers and the army agress with the populas.

Action 3 & 4: Work on Navy (2 of 3 years)

The Ground forces of Torphan are already strong in numbers and force, but the Emperor is now
turning his attentions to his navy.  The navy is medium (and powerful) but has been neglected for
years because of the isolation and geography of the empire.  Because of how it is situated,
Torphan has had very little need for a very powerful navy. The emperor has decided that torphan
will need to find ways of trading and exploring more widely across the area.  But, because of
the situation, there is much to do to make it so a navy would be worth the effort.

Primary Determinet: Construction
Actor: Crewmen, engineers, etc. (pretty much anyone with a job in torphan)
Weight: Double (+1)
Difficutly: Hard
Secrecy: None
Modifiers: + Skilled workmen
+ No immediate threats
+ large supply of needed resources(i.e. lumber, metel, etc.)
+ Last years results

-1 +2 (-1 -1 0 +1 ) +1 + (-1 -1 0 -1 +1) + 1 +()

the navy building slows down with the civil unrest.