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Actions in the Game Year 1421

Society Name: Torphan

Action 1 & 2:  Fotify the pass (3 of 3 years)

With the pass secure and the deamons being driven futher away the Emperor decides to make
sure that any attempts by the deamons to retake area beyond the pass is more difficult than it had
been the first time.  So he has ordered the construction and fortification of a new base at the mouth
of the pass. This is the final year of the building.  The Emperor is hoping that it will keep the deamons
away from the rest of Torphan.

Primary Determinet: Construction
Actor: The engineers and architects
Weight: Double (+1)
Difficutly: Hard -1
Secrecy: None
Modifiers: + Skilled workmen
+ More men can now be diverted back to protect the city
+ large supply of needed resources closes by
(i.e. lumber, rock, metel, etc.)
+ Last years results

-1 +3 (-1 -1 +1 +1 ) +1 = +3 Complete Success

The new city (Name) Has been built.  It is a small city but has the potential to grow.  I t has new
mines opened up and other resources. The town hold potential to became a major town in that area
of the content.  It has a +1 to defence form any attack from the Ice Deamons.

Action 3 & 4:  Work on improving trade with other societies (1 of 2 years)

With all that is going on in Qaiyore, Emperor Edaeth decides to try and improve on the existing trade
route (the one to Mir) and possibly open more.  Torphan is rich in supplies but needs to learn more
of the technologies that are in the world.  The major problem in this, the people of Torphan have
been in isolation for too long.  The emperor will try to fix this next year.

Primary Determinet: Trade
Secondary determinet: Relations
Actor: Traders
Weight: Double (+1)
Difficutly: Hard
Secrecy: None
Modifiers: + Already established trade route
+ Good relations with Mir
+ Large amount of supplies to trade

- 1 +2 (+1 -1 0 -1) +1 + ()

The trade route to Mir expandes as more materials begin to come though. Celpalar seems intrested
in relations (and trade) with Torphan and try to get them to work with them. Relations with Celpalar
open at Fair.