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Actions in the Game Year 1423

Society Name: Shanari

The United Army creates three rings of forts out away from the city. They are done with
the project by the time eyear ends.  The two sinari armies march towards the city of
Talishara.  They are not worried and take their time.  By the end of the year they have
meet together North west of the forts.  They set up camp and seem to be waiting for
instructions.  All of Qaioyre pauses to see who moves next.  It is Sin-Alb himself who
makes the next move.

On the last night of the year the city awakes to the oracle being used. The citzens, mages
and military comes running out into the street the see the dreaded floating city hanging above
the Oracle.  The see a bright lighe shining form the Oracle.  Riacradsa and some of the
warmages aproch the oracle and as they do out steps a divine figure.  It is an evil and twisted
faces, but yet strangly familar, but their was statified smirk.  It looks at them and says "Behold
me, Sin-Alb, for you all shall soon bow to me."  Then assendes to the floating city.  The
floating city leaves after he arrives and heads back to the sinari camp.


United Army

Fortify Talishara
+3(Quadrople action) +1(Celpalar bonus) (+1 0 0 0) = +5 Superb Success.


March towards Talishara
+3(Quadrople action) (-1 +1 +1 +1) = +5 Superb Success