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Actions in Game Year 1428

Society Name: East Torphan


Action 1 & 2 - the Federation of the Inland Sea.

In light of the excellent relations between Burcancy, Tanimbar and now Vieinia, King Villard suggests that these relations be formalized and expanded. A defense and free trade pact be created between the aforementioned societies. The proposed Federation will remain open to accept other societies in the future. While Vieinia has been quite enthusiastic, there has been some reluctance on the part of Tanimbar. More efforts will be concentrated in Tanimbar. And Parglur will also be asked to consider joining.

King Villard will travel with the Royal Family to Tanimbar their year and Parglur next year.

Prime Determinant: Secondary Philosophical Orientation (Conquest) All participants will be offered gifts in the right places and some early trade concessions. This will be concentrated in Tanimbar & Parglur. Tanimbar & Vieinia will also be approached about being trained by Burcancy Mages. Training was highly prized by Tanimbar. Approaching Parglur on this subject should be done more cautiously, their reaction is unknown. If Tanimbar or Parglur remain reluctant then a pact could be signed w/ Vieinia early.

King Villard's Authority: Superb
Action: Very Hard (-2)
+2 - Excellent Relations w/ Tanimbar and Vieinia
+1 - Free trade in each nation's interest
+1 - from +6 success w/ Vieinia
+1 - Double action

+3 -2 +3 (-1 -1 0 0) +1 + (-1 -1 0 -1) + () =

No real progress this year.

Action 3
The Brotherhood Continue to Study the Development of War Mages
Action - Internal, Strategic (continued action from previous War Mage research but we will list this as yr. 7 of 10 (or more)) Secret Action

Mirish sorcerers finish training about 10 war mages. Further training could result in surrendering some potential control over the War Mages to the Mir or a potential clash of loyalties. And the King, the Opheir and the Brotherhood are reluctant to surrender control to anyone, even w/ their excellent relations with Mir & the potential marriage, the decision is made to use the trained mages, and the recent advancements in weather control magic to create an entirely new type of war mage, possibly able to create localized weather conditions of a battlefield or even create lightning bolts & other natural or weather related phenomenon in combat and out. Each of the 10 trained war mages will train other mages, so the new class of war mages will consist of 30 mages.

Actors: King Villard, Opheir, the Brotherhood
Objective: Training of War Mages
Type: Magical/Training
Secrecy: Yes (-1)
Difficulty: Very Hard (-2)
Prime Determinant: Secondary Philosophical Orientation
Conquest (acquisition)
Magical Sophistication - Superb
+2 - Magical Sophistication (Superb)
+1 - previous war mage training

-1-2+1+2+1+1 (+1 +1 0 +1) + 1 + (+1 -1 -1 +1) + () + () + ()=

They coutnue to develop.

Action 4
Propose a marrage to Tanimbar
Action- Strategic

When the Burcacny Rolay family is in Tanimbar Villard will propose to King Hector and Queen Helga a marriage between their daughter and the Crown Prince of Burcancy.

Actors: King Villard
Objective: Marriage Proposal
Secrecy: no
Difficulty: Hard -1
Prime Determinant: Relations (Great +2)
+ working together for some many years.

+2 +1 -1 ( -1 -1 0 0) = 0 Mixed Results

They are willing to think about it, but they are not comminting to anything