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Actions in the Game Year 1425

Society Name: Amo'Trall

actions 1-4 ( +3 Mod ): Primary, Diplomatic ( increasing relations ), Secondary ( trade route )

(Difficulty Hard)

I am sending a diplomatic relations group headed by The Old chief of the mammoth tribe who is well known for his wisdom and good judgement, I also am sending the "Willows" ( +1 Mod ) due to this being right around the summer soltice.

Finding the Onagir. an easy task ( see below ), since they have moved south from thier old locations

The betterment of relations ( it is fair currently ) is what I would like, ultimately upwards of an "alliance",( or superb) the trade is secondary. As you see below, these are the items for trade

The trade being sporadic is due to the peoples being nomadic in nature

+3 -1 +1 (-1 +1 -1 +1) = +3 Complete Success.

With Videssia nothing more then a meomory and the gardianship of the Eerith over the Oganir. The Oganir are found and are willing to start tradeing. Relations go to Good.