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Actions in the Game Year 1425

Society Name: Therani

Action 1&2: build up confederate legion (aim is to rebuild and secure)
Primary Determinant: military force (?)
Difficulty: hard (-1)
Weight: Double (+1)
Actors: Shield of Therani, Dun Ri - Forces, civil (as recruits)
Secrecy: none
Modifiers: +1 (already a structure), +1 (recent thread)?

-1 +1 +1 (0 +1 0 -1) = +1

Nothing grand is created but the legion is formed. With further actions they could get better.

Action 2: (extended action) Build up Hadrair with the help of the legion

Primary Determinant: Resources (good: +1)
Difficulty: hard (-1)
Weight: Single
Actors: all
Secrecy: open
Modifiers: Leadership ?

+1 -1 (-1 +1 0 -1) = -1 Failure

The city has been turned into a swap and most of the year has been spent just draining the water.

Action 4: establish an politic and civil order with the help of the legion.
Establish a senate with Thar Ri and the Dun Ri as highest executive (for the moment).
Primary Determinant: influence
Difficulty: hard (-1)
Weight: Single
Actors: Thar Ri, Dun Ri
Secrecy: open
Modifiers: - Resistance of the Thar Ri ? +Recently won war by the Dun Ri ?

-1 -1 +1 (0 +1 +1 0) = +1 Success

The Senate is established and helps keeps order but it is week and has very little authority or populatity