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Actions in the Game Year 1423

Society Name: Aryisa

Note:  Late in the year, Duke Danan of the Guardians vanishes from his estate where he
was kept under house arrest by the Crusader Grand Council.

Action 1: Peace Process (early and mid year) The Aryisans and the Razanians sign a
peace treaty, as detailed in recent e-mails.

No roll required.

Action 2:  Rebuilding the Timber Veil (late year) (1 of 3)
Duke Iyan orders the Timber Veil rebuilt and expanded to cover all of Aryisa's northern
and western borders.  The southern border will wait until Haran is fully recovered.
Difficulty: Normal
Determinent: Craft Superb (+3)
Mods: + existing fortressess only need to be repaired
(80% is unterly in ruins)
        + Aryisans have experience
        + taking their time as opposed to doing it in one or two years
+3 +1 (+1 0 +1 +1 ) + () + ()

Much of the veil has been restored along the norhtern boarder.  +1 for just of the time it
takes to build

Action 3:  Guardians Resurgent (late year)
With the war over, the Guardians try to rebuild their power base. Feelers are put out to many
nobles who switched sides during the war and to those who lost land because of the peace treaty.
Difficulty: Hard -1
Determinent: Guardian Influence Fair (0)
Mods: ++ Many discontented with poor outcome of war
        - Crusaders in charge of naiton

-1 +2 -1 (0 0 +1 +1) = +2 Complete Success

The Guardians are success in recruiting people to their side.  They are reemerging.

Action 4:  Asagmari Front (mid to late year)
Having regained control of the city of Haran, the Asagmari Front attempts to take control of the Haranic countryside before peacekeepers can arrive.
Difficulty: Normal (Hard -1)
Determinent: Military [I'd suggest Force Fair and Size Great]
Mods: + success in retaking city
-? have to finish before any peacekeepers arrive
(+ Weakened Razanian front)

-1 +2 -1 (+1 0 +1 0) = +2 Success

The Asagmari Front devistates the Razanian Front. The majority of the Razanian Front is cruched by the Asagmari Front. When the peacekeeper armies arrive at the city they discover the city and coutry side no longer under Razanian Front control but Asagmari countrol. +1 to the Asagmari force against what is left of the Razanian Front.