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Actions in the Game Year 1436

Society Name: Mir

Actions: 1,2

Title: Response to Caladyn's Request for Aid and Support

Primary: External Polotics (Good +1)
Secondary: Wealth (Great +2), Military Force (Good +1)
Diffculty: Normal (Political negotiation)
Weight: Double (+1)
Actors: Nirotosa and troops already stationed in Talishara
Secrecy: None
+ Previous success and popularity within the region due to the rebuilding efforts in Timar
+ Previous history of working successfully with the Duke
+ Powerful magics even amoung non-coterie magi and the implied promise of future aid
+ The Duke has a strong need and the only cost is simply to give lip service to an existing condition
Mir will fully support Caladyn's claim to the throne in exchange for a simple token gesture: his official sanction of the Mirrish "protectorate" of Talishara under Niotrosa. Mir will even be so gracious as to pull back the boundries of the Yora'Timar protectorate to the city of Talishara itself, cedeing the original boundry of Gomel. An initial "good will peacekeeping force" of 1000 troops will be sent in support and strong hints are given that, the more Caladyn supports Niotrosa, the more Mir will support the Duke's efforts. Note: this would also require the Duke to accept the Order of Lucia's relationship with the Oracle priesthood but, in this case, it would work in his favor by keeping them out of his hair and insuring the Order's neutrality.

[Historical Flashback: 1429--The Coranation of the Yora-Timar throne. The Heir apperant to the Throne of Mir (Nirotosa at this point. Then it will be his son.) will become the Prince of Yora'Timar. (Bassicly similar to how Prince Charles is Heir of the English throne and Prince of Wales.)] At the time, no one was in a position to debate this declaration because of the military situation and the overwhelming presence of Mirrish military power.

Actions: 3,4

Title: Train more Warmages (difficulity = hard, 6 successes required, success pool: +1, +2)

Countinue to train.

Primary:Military Force (Good +1)
Secondary: Magic Sophisticaion (Legendary +4) (secondary modifier of +2)
Diffculty: Very Hard (-2)
Weight: Double (+1)
Actors: warmages
Secrecy: little
- No further Eerith directed training
+ Success of the privious warmages

Action resolution

Action 1,2
Resolution: Diff=Very easy (+2) + Dice (+-00) + Extras (+1) = +3 Great success

Results: The relations between the Duke and Mir are Great (+2). The Mirrish rule in Talishara region has already largely stabilized, and the Duke's declaration just works to reassure the existing situation. Niotrosa Authority in Talishara is Great (+2), Influence Good (+1) and Consent Good (+1).


Action 3,4
Resolution: Diff=Hard (-1) + Dice (-0+-) + Extras (+1) = -1 Failure

Results: Little actual progress this year. Success pool so far (+2,+1,x,x,x,x)