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Actions in Game Year 1422

Society Name: East Torphan


1) Troop Support for Tanimbar
Action - External, Strategic (yr. 7 of continued action (since 1415))
Secret Action
a) w/ Cedonia nearing upheaval and in an apparent defensive mode, some troops can be sent home but ready to be recalled if needed. As always, troops are regularly rotated to avoid draining any one part of the country and to spread the experience of serving on the front to more troops, and increase the depth and training of the whole army.
b) Army units continue to observe Cedonian fortifications to try and increase the understanding they achieved last year.
c) The main focus now shifts to to continuing to survey the border lands and finding new and previously unknown routes into Cedonia and planning potential battle sites in case of fighting around the border. This plan will now not only include fighting against Cedonia but against the possibility of the Sinari making it this far down the continent.
d) Also traps are planned for any invading forces. Some traps are built and supplies for traps and other battles are put in place The Brotherhood take part in the scouting and practice both their surveying skills and those of illusion and concealment.
e) More strenuous efforts are made to establish good relations w/ locals who might be of assistance in finding routes through the mountains or who might help fight the Cedonia or Sinari units. (The Burcancy has taken good care to maintain good relations w/ local populace. Quote from Burcancy rules of engagement - " Civilian and enemy troops are to be respected. Any infractions will be dealt w/ seriously but fairly." Future actions will encourage even greater cooperation w/ local civilian population.)
King Villard will visit w/ the Burcancy & Tanimbar generals and staff, and he will bring the Queen and the children. The King and if thought safe the Royal family will also spend some time in the surrounding areas to help strengthen relations w/ the leaders of eastern Tanimbar that might assist Burcancy goals. Villard will also visit on the other side of the border if it is thought feasible. Mages and warriors will remain close at hand to prevent any danger from approaching the Royal family. With the rumblings of potential break-up of Cedonia, (the rapid conquest by the Sinari, the capture of the Queen, potential uprisings) it might be possible to make some new friends.
Actors: Military, King Villard, Brotherhood
Objective: Aid to Tanimbar against a Cedonian/Sinari invasion
Type: Defense
Secrecy: Yes
Difficulty: Hard
Prime Determinant: Secondary Philosophical Orientation (Conquest)
Resources: Good
Military Size: Fair
Military Force: Good +1
+1 - Good relations maintained w/ locals
+1 - King Villard presence and diplomatic skills
+1 - Cedonia occupied defensively and w/ building fortifications
+1 - a few members of the Brotherhood assigned to aid scouting/survey
+1 - Results from 1421 - The Burcancy army gain a +1 for any action dealing with that border for the next 3 years.
+1 - King Villard and the Royal Family are well guarded

-1 +1 + 3 (0 -1 -1 -1) = 0 Mixed Results.
Their is not much left for the troops to due. Much of the area has been expolored and they have done as much as they could to prepare.

2) The Brotherhood Fight Alongside Mir in the Sinarian War
Action - External, Strategic (3rd yr of continued action)
Burcancy mages continue to support the war against the Sinari
Actors: King Villard, Queen Felicia, The Opheir & Brotherhood
Objective: Aid in the fight against the Evil One
Type: Offensive
Secrecy: None
Difficulty: Moderate
Prime Determinant: Secondary Philosophical Orientation (Conquest)
Resources: Good
Magical Sophistication: Superb
Magical Diversity: Great
+1 - Good relations w/ Mir
+1 - Fear of Evil One
+1 - Excellent Successes 3 yrs in a row.
Nothing new so just throw in with the United armies actions

3) The Brotherhood Continue to Study the Development of War Mages Action - Internal, Strategic (continued action from previous War Mage research but we will list this as yr. 1 of 10 (or more)) Secret Action
Mirish sorcerers finish training about 10 war mages. Further training could result in surrendering some potential control over the War Mages to the Mir or a potential clash of loyalties. And the King, the Opheir and the Brotherhood are reluctant to surrender control to anyone, even w/ their excellent relations with Mir the decision is made to use the trained mages, and the recent advancements in weather control magic to create an entirely new type of war mage, possibly able to create localized weather conditions of a battlefield or even create lightning bolts & other natural or weather related phenomenon.
Actors: King Villard, Opheir, the Brotherhood
Objective: Training of War Mages
Type: Magical/Training
Secrecy: Yes
Difficulty: Hard
Prime Determinant: Secondary Philosophical Orientation Conquest (acquisition)
Magical Sophistication - Superb
+2 - Magical Sophistication (Superb)
+1 - previous war mage training
-1 - difficult and dangerous training

+3 -1 +1 -1 (+1 +1 -1 0) + () + () + () + () + () + () + () + () + ()
Things get off to a good start.

4) Broach the Idea of Proposing Marriage between Mir & Burcancy to the Queen
Action - Internal, Strategic
Secret Action
Villard stands on the border of the Eastern Tanimbar and gazes into the distance towards Cedonia. Imagining the forces massed there, he fears that Cedonia is going to be no more and the Sinari and their God are coming. Allies are needed. The Torphan Empire is rousing themselves to deal w/ the outside world but the Burcancy has kept a wary eye on their ambitions for too long to want to move into their embrace. Relations are good w/ Mir, and other neighbors how can they be strengthened.
He turns and looks to where the Queen and the children are playing. Their youngest, Gwenyth only 5 and the twin boys, Kerron and Jarod, now 9 yrs. old. If only they were older, they could marry.... if only they were older... hmmm.... a idea came into his head.... now how to broach the subject to his loving wife.
That night after the children go to sleep, Villard approaches his Queen and gets down on one knee and says "My darling, once I asked you for greatest gift you could give me, your love and you said yes, now I must ask you for an even bigger boon. I hope you will hear me out"
Villard lays out his plan to Felicia. Mir has a child who is only a few years older then Gwenyth. The children could marry to bind the two societies closer together. The actual consummation of the marriage would not take place for many years during which the children could be brought together to play and to learn to like or even love each other. Safeguards could be built in so the children would not be influenced by magic and learn on their own to get along. If the relations between the children do not work out or relations between Mir and the Burcancy change then the marriage could be dissolved down the road. In the meantime, the Burcancy strengths its alliance against the wind of changes sweeping Mir.
Queen Felicia is an astute player of the game of thrones and knows how desperately the Burcancy needs allies. She knows the strengths and weaknesses of their allies and other countries around them. Felicia also knows that she got lucky finding someone she loves to rule beside and is reluctant to potentially sacrifice one of her children to politics. She loves her children, her husband and her country very much. She ponders the fates that have brought her to this choice and weighs her options. After all we do not even know if Mir will accept the proposal.
Actors: King Villard, Queen Felicia, daughter - Gwenyth
Objective: Improve relations and develop alliance.
Type: Politics
Secrecy: Yes
Difficulty: Moderate
Prime Determinant: Secondary Philosophical Orientation (Acquisition (Trade))
+1 - The King is persuasive
+1 - The Kingdom is in need of more or stronger allies
-1 - The Queen is very independent and their daughter is only 5 yrs. old. The Queen is smart, loves her country and very understanding of politics.

+2 -1 (0 -1 +1 +1) = +2 Success
The Queen exsepts. She is not happy, but her coutry is more important then any one person.

5) Increase/Upgrade Merchant Fleet (Time Frame 4th of 4 years) Action - Internal, Strategic
Actors: King Villard, Parliament of Lords
Objective: Increase Size of Merchant Fleet and subsequently Trade and Wealth
Type: Trade
Secrecy: None
Difficulty: Hard
Prime Determinant: Secondary Philosophical Orientation - Acquisition (Trade)
Technological Base: Metallurgic
Wealth: Good
Exploitation: Good
Resources: Good
Exports: include Iron, Timber (these resources are available for use)
-1 - extra action
+1 - Secondary PO - acquisition (trade)
+2 - Exploitation of Resources - Good/ Resources - Good/ Wealth - Good Some naval (not merchant) construction to take place on Tear Island.

+1 -1 +2 -1 (-1 +1 +1 0) + (-1 0 0 0) + (-1 -1 0 +1) + (+1 +1 +1 +1) = +4
The Merchent Fleet has been vastly improved. + 1 to anything dealing with the fleet for the next five years.