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Actions in the Game Year 1426

Society Name: Mir

Actions 1, 2 & 3: The Eastern Timar Plan. (2 of 5 years.)

The Archmage will this year be sending mages undercover to do suttle mind reading of the nobility in Timar. They are to try to figure out how is willing to work with Mir and who will cuase problems. They will also besides mind reading will listen gather rumors,and any other information about were the lords stand. Also the Mirish army will begin to recruet commen people of Timar. Training will be provided, as well as equipment and food, and they will get paid (Basic army stuff.)

Primary Determents: Magic Sophistication. (+4)
Weight: Triple (+2)
Difficulty: Very hard (-2)
Secrecy (Top on the investigate lord)
Modifiers: + Peace that Mir has kept in Timar.
+ New recruits will allow veteran soilders to go home after trained.


The Archmage is able to gather the information he seeks but it is not overly comforting. The individual members of the nobility each seek their own agenda and the most commonly held attitude is that the imperial throne is wide open for whomever can take and hold it first.

Action 4: Train more Warmages. (1 of 5 years)

The War mages were of great help but their are not anough of them. Niortosa and the Warlord has persvaided the Archmage to aprove the training of more warmages.

Primary Determents: Military Force (+1)
Weight: single
Difficulty: Hard (-1)
Secrecy: Some.
Modifiers: + Success of the privious warmages.
-2 No further Eerith directed training.


The best that can be said for the onset of the training program is that at least no one was killed.