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Actions in the Game Year 1422

Society Name: Celpalar

Action I ( & II & III)
Title: Global free trade !
Type: External; Strategic.
Time: Year 3 of 4
Task: Mythic (-4)
Secrecy: We proclam !
Risk: Utmost.
Prime Determinant: Trade: Great (+2)
Secondary Determinant: Wealth: Great (+2)
Modifs: Complete implication of Laria'rathi empire who is refunding us as much as needed. +1 
Trade base in Midsea (Burcancy) buid in 1419 year: +1 
Improved relations with many local countries including Mir: + 1
For this year: Triple action (+2)
Additional support from L'R: + ? (see in L'R action) Due to the concern on Celpalar treasury,
the Laria'rathis offered to pay the expenses of the trade plan (their wealth: superb +3)

Description: cf year 1420.
Results so far.
-4 +2 +4 ( -1 -1 0 -1) + ( -1 -1 0 +1) +2 +(-1 -1 0 +1) + 2 +()

Due to the Taltheran allieing with the sinari more countries are using Celpalar ships.

(G chanded his action.)
Action IV.
Title: Fight the War.
Task: External; Tactical
Difficulty: Normal. (Maybe Easy 'cause we are defending).
Prim. Det: Army quality: Superb: +3
Secondary Det: Army Size: Good: +1
Other Modifs: Mostly useless for a war (political determinant, weather, magic, all the usual 
stuff. I stick to plain and clear military matter).

Let's state: Total Naval support: +1
Walled supplied city: +1
Evacuation of the civil population (less food needed; less potential traitors, no humanitarian 
concern): +1
(Can't work if anything more people have flocked to the city. Besides this is a port city.)
Total devastation of food and lumber supply in the area: +1 (Indeed it's a minus to the Sinaris;
good luck to build a siege train without lumber. Without a siege train, they can start to pile up
 the bodies. Hard point for us is, they have a lot of bodies to waste...) This devastation
doesn't apply to us, obviously, since we are supplied by sea. The listed modifiers are my 
suggestion to the United HeadQuarters. All the Dice Rolls being launched for the whole army,
I let you mix it up. My plan is to let them settle a camp around, and as they start to get weary
we make surprise sorty raid with elite soldiers, we kill a lot and we come back. Also we offer
a reward in gold for each enemy head brought back, we incite locals to commit murders at night.
So, we fight dirty... it don't count on those tactics to greatly disminish their numbers but to have a
very adverse affect on their moral level.

+3 +2 (+1 -1 +1 +1) = +7 Complete Success.

+ 1 bonus to Talishara's defence. The city is secered and the food lines are flowing.

Action V.
Title: Provide magical help to Laria'rathi exploration on Avarean
Type: Tactical, Internal and external
Task: Normal (we are just providing support): 0
Determinant: Magical Sophistication: Great +2
Modifs: last year experiment failure: -1 (rolled for last year).
Maybe some wisdom gained on what is wrong: + ?
Extra-action: -1.

+2 -1 (+1 0 -1 -1) -1 = -1 Failure.

Celpalar sailors and the L'R sailors get into a huge fight and it upset the expedition.