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Actions in the Game Year 1424

Society Name: Zelkor

Action I, II and III: (The Assassination)

With the turmoil in Zelkor due to the collapse of The Cedonian Capital and the Sinari war coming to an end Prince Melorne makes his first step towards reclaiming his City! After careful planning and training and small group of assassins have been sent into Zelkor and with several master crossbowman they are to take out The Cedonian Leaders of the City simultaneously.

Primary Detriment: Trained Assassins of The Legion of Zelkor (+1)

Commentary: Training assasians is an action. I will let these assasions go but they can only be used for this one mission. After that you will have to uses an action to train them.

Difficulty: Very Hard (-2)
Actor: Prince Melorne
Weight: Extremely Heavy
Years of planning and training (+1)
Support of the people (+1)
Cedonia in Turmoil (+1)
Very Secret (-1)
Triple Action (+2)

+1 -2 +3 -1 +2 (-1 0 0 0) =+2 Complete Success

All of the Cedonians leaders are killed but the cedonian guards kill most asssasins

Action IV: (Taking back Zelkor)

If the assassination attempt is successful Prince Melorne himself will lead his army through the front gates of the city killing all Cedonians that oppose him and stand up tall on the steps of the City Capital and declare the Independence of Zelkor and it's people. He will then proceed to through a huge festival. If the assassination attempt fails he will lead the army from a distance and invade the city more cautiously. He will still go to the City Capital (His families palace) and declare The independence of Zelkor and it's people and still throw a festival.

Difficulty: Moderate (Hard -1)
Actor: Prince Melorne
Weight: Extremely
Years of training and planning (+1)
Support of the people (+1)
Cedonia in Turmoil (+1)

-1 +3 (-1 -1 +1 0) +1 Success

The city is reclaimed but at what a cost. The fighting in the city is bloody but eventally the city is reclaimed. Prince Melorne stood before the palace, half of which was burned during the fighting, and dedclared Zelkors independence.