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Actions in the Game Year 1426

Society Name: Hisaria

Action 1 : Mourning Period, 2 of 3 years (all year)

The Mourning continues even with the Discontent of the Malar Clan.

Primary Determinant : Internal Politics
Difficulty : Normal. The discontent of the Malar Clan make a little more harder to continue the Morn than last Year
Secrecy : None
Actor : Ruling Agency and Key Elements (Everyone in Hisaria)
Weight : Normal Action
Modifiers : (-)Still More Members of the Malar Clan refuse to morns the Heir and Yaidi lost.

+1 (0 0 +1 +1 ) + -1 (- 1 -1 +1 +1) + ( )

Morning countiues but it is lessing.

Action 2 : Rebuilding the Empire's coast Cities and Navy, 2 of 5 years (all Year)

Primary Determinant : Internal Politics
Difficulty : Hard (A Lot of Damage and Destruction)
Secrecy : None
Actor : Key Elements
Weight : Normal Action
Modifiers : (-) more and more the discontent and rumors implanted by the Malar Clan make the rebuilding a little slow.

-1 -1 (-1 -1 +1 0) + (-1 0 +1 +1) + () + () + ()

The prossess picks up but the rumors are staring to be belieaved, and with what seem to be the aloftness of the Emperor and his clan does not help quel the rumors.

Action 3: Clan Council Meeting about the Rebuilding slow progress (8th Month of the Year)

Due to the destruction of the Clan Council Palace at the Capital city of Jall the Clan Council meetings are now organized in the Mitur Village at the Ra'Isir Home - and the Main Church of Hisaria Religion -.

The church were prepared for the meeting but still it was a very small room for such a commotion. Even from outside the loud voices of the 3 Clan Council Members and their 3 assistant could be listened

- We have to make a final point in this... - Said Iranu Dertyr I

- What do you meant?, We already have a final point Iranu - responded Jalir Malar IV with a threatening voice

- Is better to say that YOU already have a final point and only You - Responded Milarua

- The Reconstruction is being delayed, the Isir is tired and not very happy - Said Iranu

- The mourning is the Problem - responded Jalir

- THAT! is not the Problem...THAT! is a tradition from years ago that even you and me cannot remember when started.

- Tradition could bring the Empire to the Underground my dear Milarua....- Said Jalir looking at Milarua with more hate than ever.

- Then What you want to do ? Deploy resources to the you ? -Asked Milarua

- NO....NOT AT ALL...first is the rebuilding

- Please, let easy this meeting...true is that the rebuild process must be accelerated - Commented Iranu

- At least you say something right this friend Iranu - Responded Jalir to Iranu's Comment

- Then let suggest a Tax Increase - Said Milarua looking how the other two were looking at her.- we could use the Extra Coins to help speed up the Reconstruction

- Or Suggest to increase labor, let the Noble Clan give more of their wealth and servants to the rebuilding.

- The Suggestions will be wrote into the books...but still something must done NOW

The atmosphere was tense. Jalir was feeling like a living inferno of hate towards the Tylop clan and specially towards Milarua. Milarua having no fear of Jalir looked always directly to his eyes and Iranu, well, he's trapped between the two of them, Trying to escape. The Assistants were preparing the books to write the meeting's resolutions while Iranu, Jalir and Milarua looked at each other thinking, and only the gods know what.

Primary Determinant : Internal Politics
Difficulty : Hard (Great Discontent of the Malar Clan and a lot of disagreements between Clan Council Members )
Secrecy : Fair (the Isir know about the meeting but not exactly about what the meeting is - just rumors)
Actor : The Clan Council
Weight : Normal Action
Modifiers :

-1 (+1 +1 +1 +1) = +3 Complete Success

The clan stops it fighting long anough to figure out a way to get the rebuilding project going better. +1 for the rest of the building project.

Action 4: Spying Goth Malar III (10th Month of the Year)

( Please read Add-on history Titled : Beginning of the End : Fears and Rumors )

Primary Determinant : Internal Politics
Difficulty : Very Hard (Goth is considered the best Y'dis Guard)
Secrecy : Great (Milarua and Klop are the Only ones to know about Goth Malar actions)
Actor : Key Elements
Weight : Normal Action
Modifiers : (+) Klop is very good spying
(+) Also Klop have a Pendant with Magic Protection

-2 +2 (-1 +1 0 0) = 0 Mixed Results

While Klop is does manage to see Goth a few times. Goth's skills are much better then original though, and he seems to keep leading Klop into a dead end. It is just seems to be a game of cat and mouse but WHO is the mouse.