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Actions in the Game Year 1427

Society Name: Tora

Tora Actions 1427

Of the ten people that were found to head out and watch the world directly one stands out as a natural leader Keeth'Paal, a priest, studier of magic, talker to birds and as her name would suggest a direct descendent of the great priest Paal.

Keeth and the party head west through the jungle past the small tribes and villages to Hira there they start their task to examine other societies more closely. However, as much is already know about Hira they will pass through and continue heading west, of course they shall try to avoid being noticed (well at least being noticed as Tora priests).

Action 1: Keeth and the party head west.

Primary determinant: Magical Sophistication (+2)
Secondary determinant: External politics with Hira(+1)
Actors: Keeth and party
Difficulty: Easy (+1)

Hard (-1 you are trying to keep your identity hidden not to mention this is new to you.)

+2 +1 -1 (0 0 -1 -1) = 0 Mixed Results.

The party makes it out of the jungle and travels though Hara gathering information, but before they are able to leave Hara half of the group gets sick, but all recover.

The cities are growing crowded, Azron has decided to look for a place for a new city, prime on the list is to go back to the ruined city of Torizzra. A party of builders and city planners are sent to examine the city.

Actions 2&3: Examine the city of Torizzra.

Primary determinant: Crafts (+1)

Secondary determinant: Arts sophistication (+1)
Actors: Tora builders
Difficulty: Very Hard (-2) The city was badly damaged and the jungle grows a lot in 1500 years.
Weight: +1 double action

+1 +1 -2 +1 ( 0 +1 0 0) = +2 Success

It will take a while to clear the trees but the city itself was not as badly damaged as preiviously thought.