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Actions in the Game Year 1428

Society Name: Ban Horroth

To stabalise the citadel one way or another

Actions 1&2
The viseur goes to the king with words of warning pertaining to the dangerous free thinking youth of the race. "The people" spits the viseur "are in the third cycle of this protest, we can not let them think that a protest will get them anything, they can not hold this mighty kingdom to randsom just because they disagree with somthing they do not even understand!".

The viseur has a clear stance on this subject the people are mere pawns in a larger game, this again can be said of the viseurs obinion of the king and although this is a great deal simpler than controlling the masses it is a great deal more covert in the way in which it is approached.

The viseur suggests that the king appeals to his people, to instruct them about the greater good of the city, for the greater good of the people, for the further advancement of the race.

- The people are enraged by the hardship they have suffered in recent years.
-Though the king is very eloquent and his script writer (the viseur) is a highly skilled politician the whole speach will prove contravertial and close to the bone. This may prove fatal for the king.
+ until recent events the king was a popular ruler and ruled relatively fairly for a dictator and monarch.

weight this is make or break for the king he is laying is life before the crowd, he is frail with age and his time is short as it is he has been manipulated one too many times and he is beginning to realise but it could be too late.

The Viseur
The King
The Mob

-1 -1 +1+1 (0 0 +1 -1) = 0 Mixed Results

The people do not harm the King, and they listen to the speach. The speach is really ruined when one of the crowed yells. "How can the starvation and death of people be good for them!"

Actions 3&4
If the crowd turns nasty the viseur sends a select few of the royal guard to escort the king away from the fray to safety, they are highly trained but are despatched in a small number the crowd is seething but not trained in the art of battle. Certain members of the guard are sided with the viseur and are instructed that if the crowd seem hungry for the blood of the king they are despatch with him before the situation gets out of control.

- The royal guard are skilled but only a small percentage is despatched
+ The guard is enraged and are almost certainly hungry for revenge for the years of being down trodden.
- There are a few lateral thinking members of the gathering who seem to talk sense but they are drowned out by the larger voic eof the crowd. It will be hard for them to be heard.

Weight this could be an important event in Ban Horroth history, if the king is slain the race will almost certainly be put in an awkward political position with factions boiling up to take control. If the king is not slain it will be hard for the viseur to remain alive let alone take control as he wishes without an all out struggle for power.

The King
The Royal Guard
The Mob
The Viseur

+1 -1 -1 +1 (+1 -1 -1 +1) = 0 Mixed Results