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Actions in the Game Year 1422

Society Name: Zelkor

Action 1&2: Gathering of remaining general and faithful soldiers.

After the murder of Prince Ean Arracht and his eldest son Ean Arracht II during the battle 
of  Zelkor the last remaining son who was a teenager at the time now 23 (6 years later) has
decided to regain his families city and kingdom. After six years of hiding out on the Isle of Mir
Prince Melorne has been planning a way to get back at Cedonia. In order to win back what is
rightfully his he needs an army. At one time The Defenders of Zelkor were the most skillful army
in the known world. And their Legion of the Muster was perhaps the most well organized 
conscripted army ever. The Mariners League although small was Legendary in their skill
respected by all the other countries. Prince Melorne has decided to gather up all of the
remaining members of all these forces that are still loyal to him. He will send out emissaries to all
the surrounding countries looking for these men and hold a secret meeting in Mir to plan a 
strategy to retake Zelkor.

Primary Determent: Prince Melorne: Consent: Superb
Difficulty: Easy +1 (Normal)
Secrecy: (Very Secret. Do not want Cedonia to know!)\
Actor: (Prince Melorne)
Weight: (Double Action.)+1
-1 Spread out
+1 Rebel faction
+1 preparing for six years.

+3 -1 0 +2 (+1 -1 +1 0) +1 = +5 Superb Success

The armies come to the call of their Prince. Instead of the three units they are formed into one
unit called (name). And the people at home are secretly supporting the new Prince. The Prince
Authority and Influince are Great.

New Forces Determent:
Force: Superb
Size: Fair

Action (3&4)

Description: (Send Emissaries to all of Cedonia's enemies and invite them in on the secret meeting.
 I will send a group of emissaries in group of two or three to the Mayor of Kaeir, The ruler of 
Vraa'al, One of the generals of the newly freed Eerith and any known rebel factions in Cedonia 
now that it is in turmoil. I will offer them treaties and revenge at Cedonia plus any pillaging to any
of Cedonia's city except Zelkor.)

Primary Determent: Relations:(Fair 0)
Difficulty: (Normal) +0 (Hard -1 to get a hold of alot of these people, alot of them are hinding.)
Secrecy: (Very Secret again trying to keep it major secret to Cedonia)
Actor: (Prince Melorne's Spies and Emissaries)
Weight: (Double Action)+1
+1 Preparing for 6 years.
+1 Hatred for Cedonia

0 -1 +2 (-1 +1 -1 -1) +1 = 0 Mixed Results

The meeting takes place and all invited show up except the Vraa'al, and the Pirates. The meeting
does little to help the situation. Due manly to the fact that the Sinari invasion is formost in their minds.