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Actions in the Game Year 1423

Society Name:Razanians

Action 1 - Razanians/Aryisa Treaty Signed (early/mid year)

Like Aaron says, no roll needs here :) peace treaty period.


Action 2 - Recovering from the War... ( 1 to 5 ) (all throughout the year)

In General: All of the Kingdoms in process of recovering, rebuilding, fortifying and so on.
Bernar: Some troops are being sent to Haran to be part of the Razanian Peacekeepers.
since they haven't suffered damage upon their Kingdom by the war, they are willing to help
other kingdoms out with supplies and so on.

Taran: They will be sending some troops aswell to Haran as peacekeepers and help other
kingdoms recover

Farnor: They will be sending some troops aswell to Haran as peacekeepers and help other
kingdoms recover

Taranta: They will be recovering some of the damage cause early in the war

Canor: serious need to recover and fortify their borders to Aryisa

Tesh: serious need to recover and fortify their borders to Aryisa

Narton: rebuild a bit, fortify territory gained from the war and treaty and forfity all along the
Razan River next to their Kingdom.

Karan: rebuild defences and fortifications. contruct forts along the Razan River and fortify the
territory gained during the war and treaty.

Minot: mainly rebuild their arsenal of catapults and fortify the territory gained from the treaty.
And maybe help other kingdoms out.

Sayn: Not much they can do. they will help reestablish trade routes via Nostan river.

Non: recover, rebuild and open to any Razanians in Haran (especially Razanian Front)

Sargor: fortify the territory gain from treaty and along the Haran River. will really participate
in re-establishing old trade routes and new ones with Aryisa, and to whoever controls City
of Haran.

Sout: will send some troops to help with peacekeeping of Haran and continue working one
some projects of theirs ment for the war.

Trade Conference: Mainly to re-establish old trade routes and establish new ones with Aryisa.

Church of Empyrean: to help the people out spiritualy/culturally to recover

Razanian Front: re-organize and fortify themselves at Haran.

Action 2 . - Internal

Actors: Razanian Kingdoms and organizations/groups
Objective: Recover, Rebuild, Fortify
Type: Recover, Rebuild, Fortify
Difficulty: Normal (Hard -1 )
Secondary Determinant: Survival
Economic system  Barter
Technological Base Early Metallurgic for the most part (most part, so not all Early or not all tech 
Early base)
Economic values  Crafts: Fair
                           Agricultural: Good
                           Engineering: Great
Resources: Fair
 Agricultural: Mediocre
 Mining: Good
 Woodlands: Great
Exploitation: Fair
  Agricultural: Mediocre
  Mining: Mediocre
  Woodlands: Good
Trade: Great (trade improved with Ban Horroth and Celpelar)
Wealth: Fair
+1 support of century council
+1 helping each other out (mostly)
+1 best of times to do so before the peacekeeping ends at Haran and when

foreign troops leave and/or when the Treaty starts being violated.

+1 -1 +2 + (+1 0 0 -1) + () + () + () + ()

The Kingdoms begin to rebuild succesfully.

Action 3. - Start process of rebuilding militaries/new military structure introduce (mid year)

The Century Council as decided that all Kingdoms should establish a new Joint Military 
Structure developed by the Council. All Kingdoms militaries will still be independent from 
each other, but the next time they need to do an united military action, the armies will be able
to work better together with all the differences of structures, which has problems during the
war. This new structure is also to bring tougher standards (up to Karan/Aryisa levels) for the 
militaries to meet, so they are more prepared for any new "mass warfare". They will be train in
raid tactics which they are mostly specialize in, but also train with new tactics and weapons 
develop during the war. This is the best of times to do this while at peace with Aryisa. The new
structure will be used by the Razanian peacekeepers going to Haran.

Action 3. - Strategic/Tactical, Internal

Actors: Razanian Kingdoms Armies
Objective: Establish a new joint military structure
Difficulty: Hard
Secondary Determinant: Survival
+1 Century Council support
+1 Armies use to work together

-1 +2 (0 -1 0 0) = 0 Mixed Results

The military is able to begin to restore it self.

(maybe improve their average force to Aryisa's or just allow me to use a pernament bonus in
 military actions)

I but the Front actions in a nother email called the Fronts war.

Action 5. - Trade Conference ask Celpelar if they can be part of their "Global Trade" (Late Year)

Now that they have a Treaty up and trade going back up to what it was a century ago, Trade
Conference contacts Celpelar (by sending message or via one of their ships/peacekeeper 
troops arriving) to see if they can get involve with their "Global Trade".

Action 5. - External

Actors: Trade Conference
Objective: Be part of Celpelar's Global Trade thing
Difficulty: Normal
Trade: Great
Relations: Celpelar : Good
+1 Razanian Coast trade attractive :)
+1 Treaty up now
-1 Extra Action

+1 +1 + (-1 +1 -1 -1) -1 = -1 Failure

Razanian Coast in its newly emerge stage from war does not have the supplies to ship off the
coast.  They are un able to supplyt anything to the Celpalar trade.