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Actions in the Game Year 1442

Society Name: Cedonia

Action 1: Coming in from the cold (1) Weight: Single Description: With the radical shifts in power and changes in the political structure of Cedonia, the new government decides to reach out to the Order of Lucia. The Lucians' adovcacy of equality under the law fits in much better with the agenda of the United Provinces than it did with Empress Yzara's agenda. The involvement of the priests of Lucia in the UP's judiciary would go a long way in restoring the faith of the lower classes in their rulers. The Council has another motive, however. The Truthsayers of Lucia would be an invaluble aid to Cedonia's diplomatic service. From the Order's perspective, the presence of Lucian clerics in Cedonian diplomatic missions would help them in their goals of spreading justice and education in the Mid Sea?. Difficulty: Routine (+2) Factors: The new government is largely from the urban classes, groups which have always been in sympathy with the Order. Yzara's persecution ended several years ago, and the Order is ready to raise its profile everywhere.

Action 2: Coming in from the cold (2) Weight: Single Description: Through Raden Ghere, the former Imperial Chamberlain, the government of the UP has contacted with Empress Yzara's former spymaster and prevailed upon him to take up his old duties. Unfortunately, the chaos of the Sinari Invasion and the Civil War has greatly disrupted the spymaster's old network. The counter-intelligence network in Cedonia itself is largely intact, and played a key role in eliminating General Zenos, but the status of the agents outside Cedonia remains unknown. With the restoration of order and funds, the Spymaster now has the resources to determine how much of the old networks remain. Difficulty: Hard (-1) Factors: The length of time since the agents were contacted. The chaos in the region during the last several years. The need for secrecy. The fact that some agents might not want to be found. Notes On Resolution: The degree to which this action succeeds or fails will affect the number of years needed to reactivate the network. E.g., a Legendary Success means all the agents are still there and ready, no work needed; while a Legendary Failure means the network must be rebuilt completely from scratch(15 years, minimum).

Action 3 & 4: Metals Project Weight: Double, Strategic Description: The project continues. Last year's results, while mixed, were definitely more promising. While problems with purity still exist, production of ore from the Kasovian mines has finally started to rise. Construction of the experimental smelter is proceeding much more successfully with the new contractors, and the applications group is making progress on some new designs. With the new government, the project is receiving more resources, and the calmer political situation means that some of the time pressure is off, reducing haste and the mistakes that come with it. For 1442, the project workers are told to proceed as planned. Difficulty: Base is Hard (-1), raised to Normal (0) by double action. Factors: Stabilizing political situation, increased resources. Still expeimental, however, things may go wrong.

Action resolution

Action 1: Coming in from the cold (1)
Resolution: Diff = Very easy (+2) + Dice (++-0) + Extras () = +3 Great success

Results: The new political organization starts to look very stable, now.

Interpretation: Order of Lucia has been expecting and hoping for this kind of offer, and is eager to participate. In fact, it has already planned and reserved for resources for this kind of action.

Action 2: Coming in from the cold (2)
Resolution: Diff = Hard (-1) + Dice (--0+) + Extras () = -2 Failure

Results: Only a bare skeleton of the network exists. It will take several years to build it back to its old glory (strategic action, 3 successes required, difficulity level normal).


Action 3-4: Metals Project
Resolution: Diff = Hard (-1) + Dice (0---) + Extras (double: +1) = -3 Severe failure

Results: so far (0,0,x)