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Actions in Game

Society Name: Mir


Year Important events
1441 Countinue training.
1440 The Kaeir seek freindship with Mir.
1439 Mir recovers. The training contiunes.
1438 Mir tries to recover frm the disaster.
1437 There is a major accendent that halts the warmage training.
1436 Gave aid to the Duke of Caladyn.
1430 Mir contiunes to work on warmage.
1428 Eastern Timar is declared the Principality of Yora'Timar. Nirotosa is declared Prince of Yora'Timar.
1427 Mir trains a unit of Talishara malisha.
1426 Begin to train more warmages.
1425 Finish Rebuilding the Celamyrsa Family home.
1424 Keep Peace in Timar
1423 Captured the Traitor.
1422 Retrieve the Scepter of Mir
1421 Mir frees the Eerith from their prision.
1420 Mir finds the Scepter.
1419 The Army is moved and the Mirish Military is improved.
1418 The Sorcerers declare War agianst the Sinari.
1417 The Sorcerers agree to join with the Cedonians against the Sinari. The Sorcerers finish their search of the Dreaming and bring the Fae to their side.
1416 The Sorcerers and the Eerith steal back the Golden Mirror.
1415 The Sorcerers of Myr-Kun rejoin with Mir. The Sorcerers attack the Traitor but the results are unknown.
1414 The Sorcerers attempt to release the Eerith fails but Mir reopens the old gateway to the dreaming.
1413 The Sorcerers of Mir hold another Meeting of Nations in Mirabalpur and sign an treaty with the Eerith.
1412 A new Archmage and Council of Twelve are elected, and a they receive a prophecy from the Oracle.
1406 The Sorcerers hold a gathering in Mirabalpur.
1405 The Sorcerors invite magic users from all over Qaiyore to a gathering in 1406. An expedition to Annaeyana ends in disaster.