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Actions in Game Year 1417

Society Name: Mir


The Archmage and the council has a new vison that is in responce to the search last year. They resive their instructions.


Action I: Bring Cedonia in the Struggle against the Enemy.

Primary Determent: Relations (Fair 0)
Diffculty: Vary Hard (-2)
Weight: Single
Actors: Eubraotsa
Secrecy: none
Modifiers: + Eubraotsa great speaker.
+ The Cedonians are also worred about the Sinari.
+ The Horror stories about what the Sinari did to Myr-Kun and in Bel'Adn.
+The Vision


Results: 0-2+4+(+1+0+0-1)=+2

Suggestions: The emperess (secretly encouraged and supported by the Order of Lucia) agrees that Mir and Cedonia must act together to repulse the Sinari invasion when it occurs. The Cedonia's still maintain their deepseated distrust of magic and still nurse the old grudges against the Mir but seem completely willing to assist in the face of a common foe. The Cedonians are also already accepting refugees from the northern areas. The emperess does indicate, in passing, that, following the defeat of the Sinari, she expects the Cedonians to be allowed control of much of the conquered area but does not pursue the issue.

Action II: Improve Military (1 of 3 years)

The Mirish Military is small and not vary good. Mir will begin to retrain its people and retrain its magic users to be great Warmages.

Primary Determent: Military Force (0)
Diffculty: Hard (-1)
Weight: Single
Actors: Military
Secrecy: none
Modifiers: + Eerith help
+ A new Warlord. (This action is severely hampered by the fact that both the new Warlord and, therefore, her main Eerith assistant have been dispatched to the Razianina coast.


Reuslts: 0-1+1+1-1+(-1-1+1+0)=-1

Suggestions: While not actually doing any long term harm, attempts at training make it increasingly apperant that strong and heavy handed leadership will be necessary to unite the warrior-mages of Mir into a strong unit. In the warlord's abscence, the ex-Shanari Mage (the archmages illegitimate granddaughter, if memory serves me) steps in to minimize the quarreling and prevent any lasting damage from occuring to the project.


Action III: Try to bring peace on the Razianian coast.

The Razianian cost is in an all out war at the moment and that does not help the world much. Riacradsa will travel and try to bring the waring countries back to peace. She will basiclly say to the Razianans and Ayrisan the same thing the Archmage is saying to the Cedonians. If you don't stop this then you will be destroyed.

Primary Determent: Relations (None again Fair I guess)
Diffculty: Vary Hard (-2)
Weight: Single
Actors: Riacradsa Secrecy: none
Modifiers: + Basiclly the threats
-2 The razianan longstanding internal harted and their inate distrust and dislike of the arcane (It is my understanding that the threats referred to are the standing menace of the Shanari, not threats by the Mir agains the Razianans.)


Results: 0-2+1-2+(+0+0-1+1)=-3

Suggestions: The razianans are dead-set on their civil war and will not look beyond it. Effectively, the only thing that prevents severe repercussions of the visit is that the Mir are unwilling to create a situation where they must guard on two fronts and both sides of the razianan civil war dare not risk taking any action which would allow the other to gain forgien support. The discussions fail rapidly and with tensions VERY high (-1 to future relations for the next two years).


Action IV: Contact and persuaded the Grand Archmage.

The Fae are at least lisening but that is as far as it goes. The time has come to take direct messures. The Archmage will talk with the Grand Archmage himself. After he has talked with the Empress he will teleport to were the Grand Archmage is. He will remind the Grand Archmage of the agreement between the Archmage of Mir and the Gradn Archmage of the Order of Knowlgde. The Archmage will tell him of what is happening and that they are indanger of begin destroyed.

Primary Determent: Realations (+1)
Secondary Determent: Magic Sophistication (+4)
Diffculty: Vary Hard (-2)
Weight: Single Actors: Eubraotsa
Secrecy: from the people on Qaiyore Modifiers: ++ Fae must honor agreements
+ The Fae have just servived a similar experiance.
-1 Eubrastsa is unable to give the fae his full attention due to his continued dealings with the emperess of Cedonia


Results: +1+2(half of the secondary determinent)-2+2+1-1+(+1-1-1+1)=+3

Suggestions: The fae agree to provide support in the defense of Mir and in opposition to (their phrasing) "foes of a greater arcane nature". The fae are willing to act as needed but express a preference (just a request, nothing binding) not to be put in direct conflict with mundane armies such as the Shanari military, preferring, instead, to concentrate their efforts on the arcane side of the coming conflict. The fae also request acsess to the Mirish archives, offering to assist in discerning the nature of their foe and unraveling the mysteries of how the Septer and Mirror are to be used. (again, just a request, nothing binding)


Actions V: Finish Searching the Dreaming (3 of 3 Years)

The Sorcerers are finishing up looking for dragons. They are also pleding with the Fae to join with them.

Primary Determent: Magic Sophistication (+4)
Secondary Determent: Diplomacy
Diffculty: Huge (-3)
Weight: Single
Actors: Half of the Sorcerers
Secrecy: Mega Top Secret
Modifiers: ++ if action four succeds because he carries almost as much weight in the among the Fae as the Imperator does.
+ Gateway to the Dreaming
+ Desperate (replaced by +2 for long term action)
+ The Vision (I did factor this into the result but not into the role, since, technically, the vision may have been a negative to this as well as a positive)
- Extral action


Results: +4-3+1+2-1+(-1+0+1-1)=+2

Suggestions: For three years, the Mir have quested repeatedly into the grey mists of the dreaming. What they find is both helpful in the short term, but also quietly disturbing. After compiling and discussing years of work, the Mir reach a series of conclusions on various topics:

The source of the Fae reluctance to commit to assistance: The dreaming is disturbingly empty and quiet but permiated by a looming pressure, as though something is constantly lurking just outside of detection, a kind of simmering, nonspecific pressence. Even the fae themselfs do not know what the source of this perception is or even if it is actually anything other than a "dream". Still, this odd timbre to the fabric of the dreaming has the fae constantly on edge.

The edge of the Dreaming: To their complete shock and amazement, the Mir suspect that there is, indeed, an end to the dreaming. While this itself is not an unexpected discovery, what is surprising is that there seems to be more beyond the dreaming than simply the void. Since this was not relevant to their desperate search, the Mir did not pursue this anomoly further.

The sentiences: There are, within distant pockets of the dreaming, what seem to be entities in a state resembling a perpetual sleep. The Mir opted not to pursue these anomolies, unsure of the nature or intent of the beings.

Dragons: After significant searching, the Mir finally contact a dragon. It is ancient, even by draconian standards and very apathetic about the Mir concerns. When pressed, it does indeed offer to come through the gateway but, at this juncture, the Mir believe it may be safer to leave it where it is resting (it seems more than a little senile and dangerous).

What this elder worm does provide the Mir another mystery, as transcribed in the following conversation:

Mir: But, where are your siblings? There should be hundreds of other dragons.
It: There are others. Not hundreds, maybe a dozen.
Mir: But where?
It: You took them already.
Mir: You mean centuries ago.
It: No, more like a few decades by your reckoning.
Mir: We did not take them.
It: All you humans look the same to me.
Mir: So someone has already summoned your siblings, recently?
It: Looks that way.
Mir: And you do not know who?
It: Don't care. I stayed because I don't like cities.
Mir (to themselfs): Cities? Could the traitor have been here first?
It (overhearing): I wouldn't worry about it.
Mir: What do you mean?
It: Dexter Tallus
Mir: What?
It: I said I wouldn't worry about it.
Mir: No, after that.
It: That's the last thing I said.
Mir: No, you said Dexter Tallus. What is that?
It: (snore)
Mir (to themselfs): I think the dragons are already in Qai.