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Actions in the Game Year 1420

Society Name: Mir

Action I: Confront the Sinari.

The army waits for the Sinari to arrive. They will choose the best ground around and when the Sinari show up they shall do battle.

Primary Determent: Military Force (+1)
Difficulty: Hard (-1)
Secrecy: Ya right.
Modifiers: + magic
+ ready for this.

The Sinari will not actually arrive in sufficient force for a confrontation until at least 1421 (maybe 1422 if they chose to wait)

Action II: Find the Scepter. (3 of ? years)

It is becoming more aparent ever day that the Sorcerers need to find the scepter. So they begin to look. They are also going to seek help from the Eerith. They have now narrowed it down to a certian area.

Primary Determent: Magic Sophistication (+4)
Diffculty: Huge (-3)
Weight: Single
Actors: Sorcerers
Secrecy: Results
Modifiers: - Hiden for a long time
+ Small area to search.
+ Year 3 of concentrated effort
+ Eerith assistance (eerith action 1 for 1420 is to assist in this action)

4-3-1+1+1+1+(+1-1-1+0)= +2
The septer is located. Even though the results are secret, I don't forsee a problem with providing the core of the findings to the list. The septer is actually the staff weilded by the Onigar King-of-the-Wood. The Onigar are more than willing to assist the Mir/Eerith collaboration and allow the use of the staff on two conditions: 1)The staff is returned at the end of whatever action is to be undertaken (the Onigar understand that the staff itself may be destroyed or disempowered during the coming events and are willing to accept this) and 2) The King-of-the Wood be allowed to accompany the staff as its gaurdian and be allowed to remain in possesion of the staff until and escept when necessary. (eerith action 2 for 1420 is to facilitate these negotiations)

Action III, IV: Improve the Archmage hold. (3 of ? years)

Eubraotsa has barly been able to hold Mir togther but with war coming it is time to strenghten his hold over the country and to improve his stanging. He begins to work imporve his Consent, Influence, Authority. He is going to uses the try to improve his standing among forign powers their by forceing the political oposition to except him and their by increasing his power. He knows that the people like him they just want to treat him lik a baby. He is this year going to turn all of his attention interanlly and leave the war for the Warlord, his son, and granddaughter.

Primary Determent: Influince (0)
Diffculty: Hard (-1)
Weight: Double (+1)
Actors: Eubraotsa
Secrecy: none
Modifiers: + He has brought back the Crown of Mir
+1 recent success in external diplomacy
+No open opposition

0-1+1+3+(-1+0+0+1)=+3 superior success
After a concentrated local effort combined with a recent history successful external policies, Eubraotsa consolidates his position as leader. His personal influence for internal consent rises by +2 for the duration of the present crisis. (If the crisis is resolved smoothly, another round of internal actions may allow this increase to become permanent.)