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Actions in Game Year 1413

Society Name: Mir


Action I: Summon another meeting of the Nations from all over Qaiyore to be held this year.

The Sorcers of Mir need to gather as many magic users and other goverment leaders together so that they can be informed of the situation. So they send messangers to all the groups who gatherd at the last meeting. And also some other nations. The mesanger will dealiver a envolope with the seal of the Archmage.

This is a copy of the message:

I, the Archmage of Mir, ask that your nation attend a meeting of Nations to be held in Mirabalpur to be held in 1413. We, the Sorcerers of Mir, have discovered that Alatta is still trying to enter our continent of Qaiyore. We have receved a prophecy. We would like the nations to gather so that we can figure a way to stop Alatta from entering Qaiyore and conquering it. I ask again come to the meeting in Mirabalpur in the year 1413.

Archmage of Mir Eubratosa

Here is a list of the Magic Users/Goverments the message will be sent to:

The Celpalar Wizards and their goverment,
The Wizards' Guild of Taltheran,
The Royal Necromancer of Tanimbar,
The Brotherhood of the East,
Thaumaturge of Anaduan,
The Enchanter of Cormenaera,
The Imperial Sorcerers of the Torphan Empire,
The Court Wizard of Zelkor,
The Vraa'al (the High Lord),
The Saraan,
The Overpriest of Elanbur of Milkanur,
Talatemke'Shylni of Ka'Shari,
The Grand Archmage of Myr-Kun,
The Empress Yzara of Cedonia,
The Emperor of the Hisarian Empire,
The Eerith.

Primary Determinent: Diplomasy, Relations
Difficulty: Hard
Actor: Archmage and Council of Twelve.
Modifiers: + Other societies worried about what is going on.
+ They came once they should come again.
+ If the Sorcerers of Mir are asking for help it must be serius.(sp)
(-) The action sponsered by the last conference was a disaster


Result:-1 +3 - 1 + (-1 0 -1 0)= -1 Failure

Suggestion: Since the last conference, the Sorcerers have lost a great deal of prestige, and the reaction to the call for a second conference is less than enthusiastic.


Action II: Try to find at least some of the priest of the Oracle at Talishara

The prophecy is very vague and since the the spell that the Sorcerers used caused the Oracle to go wild, Archmage Eubratosa desides that we need to find the priest of the Oracle. And bring them back so that they can work the Oracle. The Archmage orders his spies and the Sorcerers to begin to searching for the Priest and then help them sneak back into the Oracle so that we can make sure that we got a true prophecy. The spies are to go with one Sorcerer around to diffrent cities looking for the priest.

Primary Determent: Athourity
Difficulty: Very Hard
Actor: Sorcerers/Spies
Modifiers: + Sorcerers have a very good spy system.
+ Sorcerers shoud be able to tell if someone is a priest


Result: -2 +1 +2 + (-1 +1 -1 0)= 0 Mixed Results

Suggestion: The Sorcerers manage to find a few priests in Taltheran, but the vast majority have scattered, and the highest of the order are nowhere to be found. The initial attempts to smuggle the priests into Talishara fail, as the Cedonians have a tight occupation in that area.


Action III: Try to reopen or creat a new Gateway to the Dreaming.

With the the Threat of Alatta becoming more aparent and with the seige of Myr-Kun, and the lack in abillity to get the priest to the Oracle. The Sorcerers are goin to try to reopen the Gateway to the Dreaming and if that proves impossible they will open a new gateway to the Dreaming. They have found in the hiden part of the library a journal from the Archmage who open the first gateway. Once the gateway is open they will begin searching for anyone who can help them defeat Alatta.

Primary Determinant: Magic
Difficulty: Very Hard [Nigh Impossible (-4)]
Actor: All the Sorserers of Mir.
Modifiers: + Journal from the Archmage that opned the Door.
+ A lot of sorcerers are working on a way to reopen the gate or open a new one.
+ Alatta has made enemies in the Dreaming.
(-): Alatta mod negated because it would be even more dificult to find those enemies than to open the portal.


Result: +3 -4 +3 -1 + (-1 -1 +1 -1)=0 Mixed Results

Suggestion: The mages manage to briefly open the portal but it closes within seconds. Further work and resarch may be required.


Action IV: Strike a deal with the Eerith.

When the Eerith arrive at Mirabalpur the Archmage will ask them to come meet with him and the council. When the Eerith are there Archmage Eubratosa will talk to them. Archmage Eubratosa will tell the Eerith the Truth. The Older Sorcerers new the truth about the Eerith but they hid the truth from evan the Younger sorcerers and Sorceresses. Archmage Eubratosa will then tell the Eerith that the Younger Sorcerers and the Sorceress believe that the truth should be told. They will tell the Eerith that their are two reason for the call for the meeting of nations. One is to get the nations working together agenst Alatta. Second is to tell them the truth about the Eerith. Then Archmage Eubratosa will abolagies to the Eerith for the behavor of Mir. Then he will tell them that the Sorcerers of Mir have agreed to take down the shield imprisoning the Eerith. The Archmage will then ask if the Eerith would help them fight Alatta. The resolts of this meeting will be told at the meeting of Nations.

Primary Determinant: Diplomacy
Difficulty: Very Hard
Secrecy: A little. The meeting mit be common knowlgde among the people in Mirabalpur, but the contents will not be revealed untill the meeting of Nations. (basiclly secret untill I tell the world.)
Actor: Archmage Eubratosa and Council of Twelve
Modifiers: + This is to the Eerith's advatege.
+ Offering to free the Eerith
+ Archmage Eubratosa is very good speaker. (One of the best in the world)
+ The Sorcerers are sincer.
+ The Sorcerers know how to deal with the Eerith. (we did it for several hundred years.)
+ Desperate.
(-): Many years of bad history


Results: -2 -2 +6 -1 + (+1 -1 -1 +1)= +1 Success

Suggestion: A deal is sucessfuly struck between the Eerith and Mir. However, tensions remain high.


Action V: Build a monument to those who died on the Expedition. (2 of 2 years)

The Sorcerers of Mir have won a great victory at a great price. The Sorcerers wish to rember this Victory. So they have hired sculptors from all over Qaiyore to create a monument in memory of those who died on the expedition. On the day of the dedication of the Monument there will be a celebration all over the island of Mir and at the hight of the celebration in the city of Mirabalpur. Archmage Eubratosa will speak. Then for the next month Archmage Eubratosa will travel all over the Island of Mir givening speakes. The monument it self will be a statue of the Old Archmage. It will be the tallest thing Mirabalpur. (It will sort of be a cross between the Statue of Liberty and the Clossus of Rhodes.) At the bottom of the Staute will be a plaque with the names of all the sorcers who died on the expedition.

Difficulty: Fair [Hard]
Actor: Archmage and the Council of Twelve
Primary Determinent: Wealth, Authority.
Modifeirs: + All the Sorcers of Mir think the monument is a good idea.
+ People love a huge celebration.
+ People love beutifull stautes. (That's what the monument is, a statue.)
- Extra Action
(-) Huge amounts of resources and workmen will be required to create a statue that large.
(-)extra action again this turn


Result: -1 +1 +3 -1 + (+1 0 0 +1) -1 +(+1 -1 -1 +1 ) -1=+2 Complete Success

Suggestion: The statue, which becomes known as the Colossus of Mirabalpur, is succesfuly completed.