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Actions in Game Year 1414

Society Name: Mir


Action I: Deal with Annaeyena

The Eerith have agreed to help Mir fight Alatta. The Sorcerers promised that they would relese the Eerith if they helped. After much research the Sorerers have found the book that the spell was writen in. Every spell that the Sorcerers have created has been recorded but the more powerful once have hidden behind wards that would make evan an Eerith neerves to pass. After much work trying to work on an undo spell the Sorcerers have found one. Archmage Eubratosa and half the council of Twelve with one hundred other Sorcerers have gone to the outskurts of Myr-Kun on the Vernal Equinox (Nasir 4) and have prapared the spell. When the shield is down the Sorcerers will wait untill it is safe (meaning the free Eerith have time to explain to the other Eerith the situation) Then they shall enter Annaeyena and see if they can help the Eerith move the city away from Myr-Kun.

Primary Determinet: Magic
Difficulty: Huge
Actor: Archmage Eubratosa and six council members and 100 other Sorcerers
Modifiers: + The Sorcerers put the spell up we can take it down.
+ Spell books.
+ A lot of Sorcerers
+ Treaty with the Eerith
+ The spell will done on one of the Four Holy Days. Magical ability increases on these days.
+ Eeriths help.
+ Valerian help (ask Matthew)
- (-) The situation around Myr-Kun
(-) The spell is ancient and not completly understood
(--) Powerful artifacts were used in its creation, none of which are available to the sorcerers.


Result: -5 +4 +1+ (0 0 -1 -1)= -2 Complete Failure

Suggestion: The Sorcerers swiftly realize that any attempt to destroy the prison would be dangerous, as the ruins of Myr-Kun are occupied by the Shanari. The Sorcerers still attempt the spell, but nothing happens when they finish. Some Sorcerers say they felt a resistance from within, trying to keep the prison up.


Action II: Again try again to reopen the gateway.

With the brief succes of opening the gateway last year the Sorcerers once again try to reopen the gateway to the Dreaming. Now that they know how to open the gate the Sorcerers begin to search for a away to sustain the gateway. The Library is alive with activities as Spellbooks are undusted and read. The silent halls of the Palace of the Sorcerery are also alive with activity and commosion as the excited Sorcerers talk amonst each other. The Sorceresses are as involed in the work as any of the other Sorcerers and they suggest many things that the men hand never thougt of before. They Sorcerers of Mir are working together for one of the few times in their whole history. The Sorcerers will try to cast the spell on each of the four Holy Days. If it fails on the first Day they will try again on the next holy day.(Note if the gateway is opened and stays open then I will use another action to find people to help.)

Primary Determinet: Magic
Difficulty: Huge (The Sorcerers are trying to find away to sutain the gate not open it. We already know how to do that.)
Actor: Most Sorcerers of Mir
Modifiers: + The brief opening of the Gateway last year.
+ Journal from the Archmage that opened the Door.
+ A lot of Sorcerers are working on it.
+ Casting the spell on holy days. Magical abilities increaed.
(--) Many mages are involved in the attempt at destroying the Eerith's prison


Result -5 +4 +2 + (-1 +1 +1 -1)= +1 Success

Suggestion: The Sorcerers once again succesfully open the gateway but this time they cast a spell to sustasin it. It works. After fourteen hundred years the Gateway to the Dreaming is open. The Palace of Sorcery is alive as the Sorcerers celebrate the opening of the gateway, but one very drunk Sorcerers stumbls through the streets of Mirabalpur yelling "We opened the Dreamings gateway." Traders from other nations hear this and return to their home land bring the story. The nations rembering that it was the gateway that had helped the Sorcerers conquer the continent begin to worry that they intend to do it again. Many nations begin to mistrust Mir (not that they trusted us that much before.)


Action III: Search Mir for Traitors

The Archmage is worred that their might be a traitor amonst them. The Prophecy says that "One friend turns on another." The Sorcerers are beging to search their own ranks for traitors. The rooms of every Sorcerer including the Sorcerers that dies on the expedition, shall be checked both magically and physically for any evdents that one of their own has betrayed them. They will also send someone to Celepar to check out the sight. They will also begin scyring to see if they can discovery anything.

Diffculty: Very Hard
Primary Determent: Magic, Athority
Actors: Archmage and Council of Twelve
Secrecy: Yes
Modifiers: - Not many people looking
+ Everyone is so busy they would not realy notice people snoping around.

Result: -2 +0 +0 + (+1 0 0 +1)= 0 Mixed Results Suggestion: Nothing is found to show evidence of current traitors. However, the chambers of many of the Sorcerers sent on the expedition to Ceplar show evidence of magical tampering to hide something, though exactly what cannot be determined.


Action IV: Search for Information.

The Sorcerers have heard rumors of the fact that their was a Mirish mage with the Kaerien pirates when the Taltheran attacked. They have also heard rumors that a Ex-Mirish mage had joined the Shanari and had helped them conquer Myr-Kun. And after the search of the rooms and discovering that someone is trying to hide something the Sorcerers are determend to figure out what has been happening behind their back. The Sorcerers begin to figure out a way to get past tampering to figure out what someone is trying to hide. They will also try scuring to see if they can discover the identite of these two mages. If that does not work they will send Sorcerers out to figure out what is going on.

Diffculty: Very Hard
Primary Determent: Magic Sophistication
Secondary Determent: Archmage's Authority
Actors: Three-Fours Sorcerers
Secrecy: Yes (from these two mages)
Modifiers: + Sorcerers iritated that they have no idea what is going on.
+ A lot of Sorcerers.
- The Shanari protect one of the mages.
(-) Taltheran may not cooperate


Result: -2 +4 +0 + (+1 +1 +1 +1)= +6 Extaordinary Success

Suggestion: The Sorcerers discover that they can feel a presence similar to the one that interrupted the Council of Nations in many of the chambers of the mages who went on the expedition. Scrying reveals that there was a Mirish mage in Kaer... a Mirish mage presumed dead after the expedition's loss. However, powerful warding spells protect the mage in Myr-Kun's identity.


Action V: Start looking for artifacts. (1 of 2 years)

The Sorcerers had hoped that they could lower the shield without the help of Artifacts. Well, they realized that they can not. So the Archmage sends goups of Sorcerers out to find those artifacts. The Journals of the Archmage tells were they are its just it is writen in ridlees so that you have to figure out the ridle to find the artifact. The groups will have three sorcerers per group and after the disater at the Oracle the Sorcerers are instucted to be one the defecive side.

Diffculty: Huge
Primary Determent: Magic Sophistication
Actors: One-Fourth of the Sorcerers
Secrecy: Yes
Modifiers: + the Journals
+ This has been planed out
+ We need these Artifacts - Ridles - Sorcerers are to be defencive.
(-) These artifacts have been lost for centuries


Result so far: -4 +4 +0 + (+1 +1 -1 +1) -1 +( )=

Suggestion: The Sorcerers get off to a good start...