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Actions in Game Year 1412

Society Name: Mir


Action I - II: Appoint a new Archmage and a Council of Twelve.

With the disaperence of the Expedition to Celepar the goverment of Mir is left empty. The remaining Sorcers gather and desied to selecte a new Archmage and Council.

Difficulty: Hard
Primary Determinant: Authority
Actor: All the Sorcerors
Modifeir: + We are doing this.
+ Desperate.
+ Double Action
- Confusion.
(-) Nobody knows who is really dead.


Result: -1 +0 +3 -2 + (0 -1 -1 -1)= -3 Severe Failure

Suggestion: The selection process quickly is thrown into chaos as a few mages announce that the lack of evidence for the destruction of the expedition invalidates the procedure. As well, the factions among the mages are unable to reach a compromise. Eventualy, a new Archmage [name?] and Council of Twelve are proclaimed, but they are not accepted by all the mages.


Authority: Good (+1)
Influence: Fair (0)
Consent: Mediocre (-1)

Council of Twelve:
Authority: Fair (0)
Influence: Mediocre (-1)
Consent: Poor (-2)


Action III: Figure out what happend to the Expedition.

We have to figure out what happend. So we know if the Expedition was succeful. Other wise we might be in trouble.

Diffculty: Very Hard
Primary Determinant: Magic
Modifeirs: ?


Result: -2 +4 + (+1 0 0 -1)= +2 Complete Success

Suggestion: Magical scrying determines that some, but not all, of the expedition are dead. Further scrying discovers that nothing crossed through the portal from the fabled land of Elyria to Qaiyore. One mage suggests using the Oracle at Talishara to cast a more powerful divination to discover more...


Action IV: Send some Sorcers to the Oracle at Talishara to see if the Orcale can discover more about what happend.

The Sorcers have discoverd a scerty outline of the situation on Celepar. They want to know more so the Archmage Eubratosa send One of the new members of the Council and five other mages to the Oracle at Talishara to see if the Oracle can discover anything.

Difficulty: Hard

Primary Determinant: Authority, Magic
Actor: Group of six Sorcers
Modifiers: + They want to figure out what happend.
+ The Orcale should know something.
(--): Cedonian occupation
(-): All of the Oracle's priests have fled


Results: -1+ 4 -1 + (-1 0 0 -1)= 0 Mixed Results

Suggestion: Sneaking through the streets of Talishara, the mages reach the Oracle. They then use a simple enchantment to neutralize the Lucian priests. Once at the Oracle they attempt to use it, but they are unfamiliar with the spells necessary. The magic soon becomes out of control, and the following prophecy is recieved:

"One friend turns on another.
A great city at the edge of a desert is besieged,
from above and from the ground.
A dark, ancient power awakens.
The fate of the world teeters on the edge of sword.
That which was great shall be cast down or shall rise again."

The out of control magic awakes the Lucians, who apprehend all but one junior mage, who escapes and bears word back to Mirabalpur.

"Council of Twelve I have a proposal." The Archmage Eubratosa says to the gathered mages.

"What is it Archmage?" ask one of the Council members.

"I beleave that the Expedition to Celapar should not be forgotten, especialy those who died."

The Archmage tells the Council. Their is a mumer of agreement. from the council. "I propose that we build a monument to those who died on the Expedition."

One of the Council members stands up and says. "I second the proposal."

"All in favor of building the monument say yea." Archmage asks

"YEA" every Council member says. "All oposed say nay." Archmage says. The room is dead silcent. "The yea's have it. We will build the Monument."


Action V: Build a monument to those who died on the Expedition. (1 of 2 years)

The Sorcers of Mir have won a great victory at a great price. The Sorcers wish to rember this Victory. So they have hired Sculpters from all over Qaiyore to creat a monument in memery of those who died on the expedition. On the day of the dedication of the Monument there will be a celebration all over the island of Mir and at the hight of the celebration in the city of Mirabalpur. Archmage Eubratosa will speak. Then for the next month Archmage Eubratosa will travel all over the Island of Mir givening speakes. The monument it self will be a statue of the Old Archmage. It will be the tallest thing Mirabalpur. (It will sort of be a cross between the Statue of Liberty and the Clossus of Rhodes.) At the bottom of the Staute will be a plaque with the names of all the sorcers who died on the expedition.

Difficulty: Fair [Hard]
Actor: Archmage and the Council of Twelve
Primary Determinant: Wealth, Authority.
Modifeirs: + All the Sorcers of Mir think the monument is a good idea.
+ People love a huge celebration.
+ People love beutifull stautes. (That's what the monument is a staute.)
- Extra Action
(-) Huge amounts of resources and workmen will be required to create a statue that large.


Result so far: -1 +1 +3 -1 + (+1 0 0 +1) -1 +( )

Suggestion: Resources are gathered swiftly and work begins ahead of schedule. However the severe strain on Mir's resources gives a -1 to Wealth for the next 3 years.