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Actions in the Game Year 1418

Society Name: Mir

Action I: Prepare for War.

The Sorcerers of Mir and the Cedonian army are going to begin gathering around the city of Talishara. The Warlord Riacradsa will lead the army with a group of Cedonian generals at her side. They are to gather the army their and prepare to move.

Primary Determent: Military Force (0)
Secondary Determent: diplomacy
Diffculty: Hard (-1)
Weight: Single
Actors: Military
Secrecy: none
Modifiers: + Cedonia agreed to help.
+ The fall of Sarunor and Myr-Kun to the Sinari

0-1+1+1+(0+1-1+0)=+1 Success. The armies begin to gather. With multiple chains-of-command, there is a great deal of confusion and a significant number of details need to be sorted out (possibly requiring a consent roll to determine how efficiently the mixed armies will work together). With the exception of Reese, the eerith withdraw from training the Mir, deciding that, even though the training is not completed, there is no more time.

Action II: Call to War.

The Archmage and Council issues an offical decloration of war against that Sinari, and call the Societies of Midsea to unit against the Sinari invaison. They call all the nations to send their armies to Talishara were the Mirsih and Cedonian armies will be gathering. So that they can with stand this evil and heathness Society. The main Societies that they are apealing to are the Taltherans, Celpalar, Torphan, Free Cities, and also all the Magic Users of Midsea.

Primary Determent: Diplomacy
Secondary Determent: Military Force (0)
Diffculty: Hard (-1)
Weight: Single
Actors: The council
Secrecy: none
Modifiers: + The fall of Sarunor and the fall of Myr-Kun.
+ Their is little dought about the invasion.
- fighing among nations.

0-1+1+1-1+(+1-1+0+0)=0 Mixed results. While most nations contacted underestand the nature of the threats, they do not, necessarily share the Mirish concerns. The specific reaction of PS depends on the players but most societies are still content to wait and try to let the Mir fight their battles for them if possible.

Action III: Improve Military (2 of 3 years)

The Mirish Military is small and not vary good. Mir will begin to retrain its people and retrain its magic users to be great Warmages.

Primary Determent: Military Force (0)
Diffculty: Hard (-1)
Weight: Single
Actors: Military
Secrecy: none
Modifiers: + Eerith help
+ A new Warlord.

0-1+1+1+(0+1-1+0)=+1 Plans proceed adequately, continuing from the previous year. As mentioned in action 1, the eerith withdraw but there influence will still be reflected in year 3 of 3 for purposes of modifiers.

Action IV: Find the Scepter.

It is becoming more aparent ever day that the Sorcerers need to find the scepter. So they begin to look. They are also going to seek help from the Eerith.

Primary Determent: Magic Sophistication
Diffculty: Huge (-3)
Weight: Single
Actors: Sorcerers
Secrecy: Results
Modifiers: + desperate.
- Hiden for a long time

-3+1-1+(-1-1+0+1)=-4 Severe failure. Having almost no idea where to begin the search, the sorcerers spend most of their time on fruitless investigation and wasted effort. As a result of the severity of the failure, the eerith significantly increase their presence amoung the seekers but provide no actual help in the search. If anything, the eerith presence seems to hinder the search rather than help it.

Action V: Improve the Archmage hold. (1 of 2 years)

Eubraotsa has barly been able to hold Mir togther but with war coming it is time to strenghten his hold over the country and to improve his stanging. He begins to work imporve his Consent, Influence, Authority.

Primary Determent: Influince (0)
Diffculty: Hard (-1)
Weight: Single
Actors: Eubraotsa
Secrecy: none
Modifiers: + He has brought back the Crown of Mir
+ He has done a good job for the past six years.
- extra action

0-1+1+1-1+(0+1+0+0)=0 Marginal results. With all that is going on in Mir, the Archmage is simply too overextended to put sufficient energy into this attempt. His job is further complicated at this time by the presence of multiple forgien leaders and the turmoil of the times. It does seem that Eubatrosa may be more sucessful in this if he can use these forgien leaders to garner support, ie, by increasing his international standing during this period of continental crisis.