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Actions in Game Year 1415

Society Name: Mir


Refugees from Myr-Kun arrive, bringing news that the Golden Mirror was in the city, and is now in the enemy's hands.


Somewere on Qaiyore

Five magic Userers sat in the plain room dicusing their mission. Three wore silk robes each a diffrent color. The other two wore plain simple robes.

The one in the black robes spoke first. "We need to find this Artifact if we are to release the Eerith."

"I still don't see why the Archmage made a deal with them any way." The one in red said.

"It is unfair to to try to control someone when they don't want to be controled." The older of two in plain robes said.

"You are corect but if we did that then Anarachy would rain subrem." The one in black responded.

"This is not the time or place to debate this question." The one in white interupted. Then she turned to the red robed Sorcerer "We really did not have a choice. With Alatta threatening us we need to can be fighting both the Eerith and Alatta, and weather or not we agree with it this is what the Archmage has agreed to do so we must support him." Her tone of voice left no room for arguement.

Action I: Look for artifacts. (2 of 2 years)

The Sorcerers had hoped that they could lower the shield without the help of Artifacts. Well they relised that they can not. So the Archmage sends goups of Sorcerers out to find those artifacts. The Journals of the Archmage tells were they are its just it is writen in ridlees so that you have to figure out the ridle to find the artifact. Last year Burcancy sent 300 hundred mages to help the Sorcerers look for Artifacts.

Primary Determent: Magic Sophistication
Diffculty: Huge
Weight: Single
Actors: One-Fourth of the Sorcerers
Secrecy: Yes
Modifiers: + the Journals
+ This has been planned out
+ We need these Artifacts
+ Burcany Help
- Ridles
- Sorcerers are to be defensive.
- These artifacts have been lost for centuries


Result: -4 +4 +0 + (+1 +1 -1 +1) -1 +(+1 -1 0 -1 )= 0 Mixed Results

Suggestion: Well, the mages findout that the Golden Mirror has been moved from the Ruins of Myr-Kun... to the flying city. The Scepter is evidently somewhere south, but the mages can't determine exactly where.

ADDIION: Some minor artifacts are found... Mirabalpur In the Council Chamber. The Council was talking about the Gateway.

"Exactly why did we reopen the gateway?" A black robed Sorcerer asked.

"So that we can find allies to help us fight our enimeis." Dioya answeared.

"Yeah right. And I am the Creator himself." The black robed mage responded. "Their is another reason why you had us open the gateway."

"Their are many reasons. One of them is looking for allies." Dioya responded.

"Oh tell them." Riacarda responded.

"We are also looking for more Dragons." Dioya answered. The Council looks at each other in shock. Many now think they understand.


Action II: Search the Dreaming (1 of 3 years)

The Sorcerers are going to begin to search the Dreaming for several things. 1) They are to begin looking for some of their old freinds in the Dreaming. 2) They are going to see if they can find any Dragon or Wryens and try to capture them and then bring them back. 3) Try to find anyone who can help them.

Primary Determent: Magic Sophistication
Diffculty: Huge
Weight: Single
Actors: Half of the Sorcerers
Secrecy: Mega Top Secret
Modifiers: + Their are still a couple Sorcerers alive who know how to handle Dragons/Wryens
+ They have an open gateway to the Dreaming
+ Several Sorcerers have a "contract" with beings in the Dreaming.
- The Dreaming is a huge place.
- It has been a long time since they any one has been in the dreaming as deep as they Sorcerers will be going.


Result so far: +4 -3 +1 + (-1 -1 -1 +1) + () + ()=

Suggestion: The Sorcerers desided to search for the Fae first. They discover the Fae "City" of Atanc in ruins. They also discover that the city of Parsivail is in ruins save for the Fortress of Knowlegde which is protect by a vary powerful magical spell. They hower find the Fae nation in the city of Anth, but the Imperator is slow to hear their please for help. Mirabalpur In the secret chambers of the council buirried under the Palace of the old Monarchy the Archmage and the Council of Twelve were meeting. Around the great table which was had been the meeting of council and Archmage for centuries. The Twelve Council members sat discosing the topic at hand.

"This Mirish Sorcerer that is helping the Sinari has to be stoped." Dioya says.

"Yes espetial if it is Tarfn." One of the other council members added.

"What should we do about it." the Eubraotsa asked.

"We try him for treason." Riacrada says in a voice that could freze lava.

The council nodded their heads in agrement. "So he is to be brought for trail before us or if that is not possible kill him." Eubratosa said


Action III: Try to capture or kill the Sorcerer that is helping the Sinari

The Sorcerers are finding out a lot of bad news and are very unhappy about it. They found out that the Golden Mirror is in the hands of the enemy. The beleave that Tarfn has betrayed them, and has joined the Shanari. The council secretly declares that Tarfn is a trator and send one-four of the Sorcerers to capture him and if that proves inpossible then kill him. They are to uses what ever means possible. A secret message is sent to the Brotherhood of the East again asking them for their help, but the Eerith are left out for the Sorcerers own reasons.

Primary Determinant: Athuority
Secondary Determinent: Magical Sophistication.
Diffculty: Very-Hard [Extremely Hard -3]
Weight: Single
Actors: One-Fourth of the Sorcerers
Secrecy: Mega Top Secret till after it is done.
Modifiers: + Full support of the council.
+ The Sorcerers relise that they need to get rid of this guy.
+ Trafn should not be expecting it
(-) Negated... he is expecting it...
+ A lot of Sorcerers
+ if it works it might throw the enemy a little off balance.
(-) Negated... dosen't apply to success or not
- The Sinari protecting
-(-) The Enemy.


Result: +3 -3 + (-1 0 0 +1)=0 Mixed Results

Sugestion: Treachery! Tarfn is forewarned of the attack and is prepared. A bloody battle develops between him and the attacking mages. As the battle ends, Tarfn falls before a magical assualt, but the attacking party is forced to retreat by the Shanari before they can be sure the betrayer is dead.


Action IV: Uses the Pendant of Truth to weed out Tarfn's informants.

The Archmage and his inner circle have gotten their hands on a minor Artifact. All though the Artifact is minor its abilities are very useful. It makes the warrer tell the truth. Each of the four members of the Inner Circle are going to go around at diffrent time and uses the artifact on all the Sorcerers in secret. Meaning the Archmage will ask so and so to come meet with him and then he will place the artifact around their neck then askthem if they iform for Tarfn. And if they don't then he shall let them go with strick orders not to tell about the Artifact and what the Archmage and the rest of his inner circle is doing. They will not only do it to the Sorcerer and Sorceress but the Apprentices. The Sevents, everyone how could get information to Tarfn. When they do find the person they will be put in the prison and trided found guilty and killed. (Hey we can't have them walking around causing trouble.) And if that strats to take to long or rumer gets around then the Archmage will order all the Sorcerers and the staff, ect. and they will just try it on ever one at that meeting. See this would work because if anyone refused then they would be susice and if any one tried to tamper with the Artifact, well their are a lot of powerful Sorcerers their and more then one is likly to feel them tring to taper with the Artifact or what ever they are tring to do. The Basic idea is that if you are innocent the you will have no problem buting on the Pendent and answearing the question. Were if your guilty then you will try to get out which will be noticed or you will try not avoid the pendent. Oh and no one will be missed over because the will read a list and when the persons name is called then you will have to go up.

Primary Determent: Archmages Athuortiy (Good +1)
Secondary Determent: Magical Sophistication (Legendary +4)
Diffculty: Huge
Weight: Single
Actors: Eubratosa and Inner Circle
Secrecy: Depends on the Plan.
Modifiers: ++ This plan is well thought out.
+ Back up plan to fall back on.
+ The Archmage is determind to do this.
+ After the resent attempt to kill Tarfn the Sorcerers know that someone is telling on them.
+ Even if some get away we will know and if they ever return then they will have to dea with us.
- A lot of people to go through


Result: +3 -2 +5 + (-1 +1 0 -1)= +5

Extraordinary Success Sugestion: The inquisition goes basically as planned. A dozen Sorcerers, ranging from highly respected and powerful mages to young apprentices and several servants are implicated and executed. However, after this word gets out, but the Archmage is ready for this and manages to catch another six Sorcerers attempting to flee Mirabalpur. Tarfn's spy network has been eliminated... at least among the Sorcerers.


Action V: Restore our Myr-Kun Brothern back to the fold.

The Great Archmage and the seviving Sorcerers of Myr-Kun return to Mir in humiliation. Archmage Eubratosa meets them with open Arms and says. "We welcome back are brotheren and mourn for their loses." The Myr-Kun mages desirerer revenge on the Enemy. So they are going to try to blend into Mir and most have joined Warlord Riacrada's group of Warrior-Mages. They see joining this group as the liklest possiblitly of getting revenge on the Enemy. Some of the Sorcerers think that the mages from Myr-Kun should just be throuwn back out, but the Archmage orders otherwise.

Primary Determent: Archmages Authority
Diffculty: Easy
Weight: Single
Actors: Myr-Kun Brotheren
Secrecy: None
Modifiers: + The Myr-Kun want revenge, and Mirs the best hop for getting it.
+ They have no were else to go.
(-) Extra action


Result: +1 +2 + (+1 -1 -1 +1)= +3 Superior Success

Suggestion: The Myr-Kun refugees are integrated. Hmm... how about a +1 bonus to any actions where the Myr-Kun's knowledge of their old city and/or what happenend there is useful.