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Actions in Game Year 1416

Society Name: Mir


The Archmage and the Council of Twelve reseve a vison from Miracradsa...


Action I: Search the Dreaming (2 of 3 years)

The Sorcerers have found the Fae of the Morning Empire. They know are going to try to gain their help in fighting against the Enemy. They will send their greatest speakers and diplomats to sepak with them. The Archmage Eubraotsa himshelf will plead their cause. They will continue to search for dragons thought.

Primary Determinant: Magic Sophistication (+4)
Secondary Determinant: Diplomacy
Diffculty: Huge (-3)
Weight: Single
Actors: Half of the Sorcerers
Secrecy: Mega Top Secret
Modifiers: + Their are still a couple Sorcerers alive who know how to handle Dragons/Wryens
+ They have an open gatway to the Dreaming
+ Several Sorcerers have a "contract" with beings in the Dreaming.
- The Dreaming is a huge place.
- It has been a long time since they any one has been in the dreaming as deep as they Sorcerers will be going.
+ The Sorcerers are great speakers/Diplomats


Results: -1+1+1+0=net +1 Net: +1-3+1+1=0+die rolls (-1+1+0-1)=-1.

Suggestions:While not openly rejecting the envoys or their requests, the Fae of the Morning Empire opt to take a "wait and see" approach to matters as they currently stand. After considerable discussion, they agree to send observes to Mir to monitor the situation firsthand and remain open to approach by Mirish envoys.

Action II, III: Get back the Golden Mirror

With the Help of the Grand Archmage of Myr-Kun Dioya has learned the spell that will let him enter the city. Then an Eerith will take him to meet with the Prophet. Toghether they will try to enter the city and take back the Golden Mirror. Then they will get it back to Mir as a Teleportation spell will take them.

Weight: Double, double (for a net bonus of +3)
Secrecy: -1 to roll
Primary Determinant: Magic sophistication +4 (the lowest of the two societies)
Difficulty of Task: Mythic (-5)
Modifiers: +1 The actors themselves.
+1 for the Myr-Kun carryover bonus from 1415. I decided that the other modifiers would end up in a push between the two sides involved.


Results: +3-1+4-5+1+1(+3 total and the die rolls). +3+(-1+1+0-1)=+2 (Complete Success)

Suggestion: The mission to "retrieve" the golden mirror is, on the surface, a complete success, with all actors escaping with minimal injury. Near the end of the mission, secrecy is abandoned in favor of speed and the "enemy" is aware of both the theft and the actors (almost certain to seek retribution at a later date). Matters are further complicated as the Mir and Eerith actors differ about where the Mirror should be delivered. The issue if finally resolved by the creation of a duplicate mirror. Each society retains one and neither the actors nor the enemy are certain which of the two Mirrors is the actual relic, thus insuring that, before the Mirror can be used, both peoples must again act together.

Action IV: contact Miracradsa

Primary Determent: Religon Sophistication (+3)
Secondary Determent: Magical Sophistication (+4) (not used, primary determinent best reflects action)
Diffculty: Huge (-3)
Weight: Single
Actors: Council of Twelve, and Archmage
Secrecy: Results are secret
Modifiers: + The vision.
+ The Archmage is her High Priest.
+ Its her magic the Sorcerers uses. (not used, redundant with archamage as high priest)
- Its been a long time since the Sorcerers last tried this.


Results: +3-3+1+1-1+(die rolls)=+1+(-1+0+0+0)=0

Suggestions: The magi receive no new information but are able to verify what they already know: that the goddess walks among them. They are also able to determine that she has not abandoned them but, instead, has heard their supplication and opted not to answer (yet) for reasons of her own. The magi receive the impression that, after the betrayal of the Traitor, the goddess does not feel the council is trustworthy and still withholds her direct guidance. (Side note: There is a high chance that the council will receive a new, more complete vision as an event within the years 1417-1419 depending on other events. Despite no clear success, I see no reason to perform another action for more guidance.)